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Ursa Major High in the Dome
May, 2005

Ursa Major continues high in the dome, as it was during April. Note the comparison to report (in pink) and the location Skymap expects it to be (in blue).

At 23:00 hrs MDT, Wednesday, the dipper handle was pointing Southeast, Azi 135°. The handle rotation is starting earlier.
El Paso, May 4

I don't know what reports you are receiving about this but last night at about 10 I went out in my balcony (facing North) to have a look at the stars and for a bit of fresh air. Searching for the Big Bear at its usual place i.e. in front of me I had to search for it and to my surprise I found it above my head and the polar star to the East. If you have had same reports, this confirms that the crust has shifted for a good 30 degrees.
Giusmar, Italy, May 8


Per Skymap, the cup should be Azi 345° to Azi 7°, NORTH, not WNW which is Azi 293° and the cup should be 30° North of the dome, not 10°.

Dipper handle first star was 10° North of the dome and cup was West West of old true North. Rotation had the handle pointing to Azi 125/130°.
El Paso, May 11

Per Skymap, Ursa Major should be NW at Azi 315° to 328° at 2:00 AM, with the handle pointing to 175°. Ursa Major is thus appearing WEST of where expected, which is in keeping with the stalled orbit observations during the Summer of 2004, etc.

Last Night I was awake until about 02:00 Sunday [May 15] AM and I watched the dipper from 09:30 Sat [May 14]. Big Dipper was north and East of dome to Azi 355° (west of dome) with handle pointing Azi 175°.
El Paso, May 15