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Polaris/CSP Cockeyed
May 5, 2005

Here is the latest update from my correspondent in Australia. I haven't been able to get a reading on Polaris for the last three days, due to clouds. However, on Monday, the North star was West of laser target by two degrees instead of the normal 3 degrees East. This indicates a sum total movement of 5 degrees since the prior reading 24 hours earlier. Then, to add fat to the fire, less than an hour later the star had moved back East two degrees to center laser! Somewhat radical, in my opinion!
It's nearly 6:00 AM this Friday morning (our time). Sigma Octantis, otherwise known as the South Celestial Pole, appears about 10 degrees to the left of my target and about 3 degrees higher off the horizon, thus signifying the Earth's southern axis has moved 10 degrees away from sunrise to the 'right' and 'down' 3 degrees. Any movement on Polaris?
Su Amigo, CJ

Note also the detail on Polaris reported by Cliff on April 27.