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Caught on Satellite

Look at this amazing cloud stream moving from North Atlantic to Europe [Mar 8], they move in a perfect 90 degree angle.

This remarkable satellite capture of the effect the Earth wobble on cloud cover matches, exactly, the motion of the globe under the atmosphere predicted and described by the Zetas months ago. The Figure 8 taken by Earth’s geographic N. Pole has a swing to the left when the Sun is over Europe and a swing to the right when the Sun is over the Americas. This puts Greenland in the center of this fanning effect, pushing it over warm air from the Caribbean. Greenland has been experiencing 61F weather of late. Note how closely the satellite photo matches the angle of the swing depicted in this ZetaTalk article from Nov 27, 2004.

It is caused, as we explained, by the magnetic N. Pole of Earth avoiding any exposure to the emerging N. Pole of Planet X. As the Earth normally rotates around its geographic N. Pole, the magnetic N. Pole is exposed for half the day, and then hidden for the other half of the day. This is due to the magnetic N. Pole being either to the right or left of the geographic N. Pole as the globe turns, responding to the emerging hose of magnetic particles from the N. Pole of Planet X as it turns about, in place.

ZetaTalk: Twirling into Darkness

The Figure 8 has been consistenly noted by observations in Europe, North American, Australia and New Zealand and Malaysia, and Japan.