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Orion High

Mar 2

Wisconsin, March 2 at 9:20 PM. The mid-star in Orion's belt was at Azi 225, Alt 70°. Skymap expects Azi 225° but only Alt 45°, HIGH by 25°.

Mar 7
Last night on Coast to Coast radio show with George Noony a man called in during the later part of the first hour and said he is an amateur astronomer and he gets out his telescope nightly and observes the Orion constellation but in the last few nights the star Betelgeuse has switched places in the sky. He wanted to know if any other listeners had noticed this.
Mar 11
Orion still standing West here in El Paso. The full constellation is visible above the crest of the Franlink Mountains, 3.500 foot elevation and I am 10 miles from the Crest. Orion leans North. [Note: Skymap expects Orion to be falling below the horizon, not fully visible, at 1:00 AM the middle stars at Azi 265 Alt 5. This is consistent with other Orion reports, it appears too high in the dome, a Wintertime posture, and consistent with a stalled Earth orbit.]

Mar 15
El Paso. Tonight at 20:15 hrs MST, West of and above the Franklin Mountain Orion belt mid star was Azi 260 Alt 40. [Note Skymap expects Azi 210 Alt 53] LOW and much NORTH, as switch!
Mar 21
Wisconsin. At 8:23 PM Sirius in the Canus Major constellation next to Orion is at Azi 200 Alt 42. [Skymap expects Azi 205 Alt 26] HIGH by 17

Mar 21
El Paso. Tonite at 23: 45, the Orion position is correct for the Solstice, but much too high, and Polaris no longer being the North/Dome star should get attention. Overall I would say humanity is not looking and not informed.