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Rapid Wobble
Jan 17-20, 2005

The last few evenings here in El Paso have been interesting for sky watchers.

Jan 17
At 23:30 the 50% illuminated moon was at Azi 275, approx Alt 30 and Tycho nowhere in sight. Is the moon also doing a 270° Roll?
Jan 19
Orion still in December position. Moon about 18:00 hrs stands at about normal illumination slant. By 23:00 the illumination has been of the bottom of the moon and the dividing line between dark and light has been horizontal to Earth horizon. Early evening M. Geminus is upper right. Later it is at bottom of moon with dividing line running from Geminus to Vieta on West. Geminus is more to center than earlier. The brightness makes it difficult to see the Tycho rays. We should be seeing a 7-8 day moon and the view is more 9-12 with less percentage illuminated. Earth is really moving between 18:00 and 23:00 hours. Earth change roll, wobble or tilt happen between those times. There are some very tall crater ridges showing on the western side of the moon that I've not noticed being so high.
Jan 20
Tonight, Thursday, at 22:30 hrs, Geminus at 5 o’Clock and Tycho at 11 o’Clock positions. Moon Azi 270, Alt approx 80. 60% illuminated. Dark/light line almost horizontal but slightly more of North face showing. Tycho being at 11 o’clock makes me think moon also doing some tilt or roll.