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Moon Orbit Tilted

Dec 30 8:40 AM Azi 285° Alt 35°. [Skymap expectes Azi 275° Alt 28°.] NORTH by 10° and HIGH by 7°.
Dec 30 23:30 Azi 92° Alt 40°
[Skymap expectes Azi 82° Alt 17°.] NORTH by 10° and HIGH by 23°
Jan 16 the Moon was Azi 190, Alt 80, and later at 22:51 it is Azi 275, Alt 25. A little over 50% illuminated.
[Skymap expects Azi 140 Alt 60 at 17:30] SOUTH and HIGH [Skymap expectes Azi 262 Alt 32 at 22:51] SOUTH and HIGH.
Jan 28 the Moon at 22:00 was Azi 90, Alt 30
[Skymap expects Azi 85 Alt 3] SOUTH by 5 and HIGH.
Jan 29 the Moon at 5:30 AM was Azi 255, Alt 45
[Skymap expects Azi 216 Alt 58] NORTH by 39 and HIGH
Jan 31 the moon, approximately 50% illuminated, was Azi 210, Alt 65.
[Skymap expects Azi 227 Alt 38] SOUTH and HIGH
El Paso
Jan 1 Where the eye of the man in the Moon was 2 o'clock and not rotating until zenith, it is now coming up at the 12:30 o'clock position.
Washington State
Jan 6 Moon's face is 25.06%, with shining face at 25.396% per astro software. Asama Volcano with moon 3:31 AM on the same day. Please compare!
Jan 5 Moon is tracking 25+ degrees South in five nights.
Jan 10 Moon is dancing from a bit South to very far North, when it is full, by about 35 degrees on Jan 1. The face is also rotating, by some 30 to 40 degrees in a few hours.
The Earth's wobble is starting to get extreme: today the moon made a 90° slue, from 14:00 PM to 19:00 PM!

Indeed Skymap confirms the Moon should be only a quarter Moon, but appears in the photo at better than half, and in the volcano webcam full. This could be due to over-exposure of the film, but is more likely an indication of additional light shining on the Moon due to a second light source or a disturbed Moon orbit reported by many where the Moon is in position to catch more sunlight than expected.