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Chile South

Chile was at first registering the Sun SOUTH as expected for the Polar Wobble but is starting to see the drunken lurch, corrections setting in.

Chili Dec 10: Sunset for Summer Solstice should be about 24.8° South of West, and my compass reading of this evening was 34°. Considering declination of almost 3° I saw today a 31° South of West Sunset, almost 6° more South than it should be 11 days from now. [Sunset too far SOUTH by 6°.]

Chile Dec 16: On Dec 10 I measured a sunset 6 degrees more southern than it should be in 6 days from now! That would be explained if we accept that the current earth axis tilt has experienced a deviation from 23º57´ to almost 30º. But now I am really baffled. To my total astonishment, I measured just 20° south of West today, which is a bit less 17° when corrected with geographical north declination. Compared to the 31° of just 6 days ago, it is not only northern than it should, but also a very fast change! I am starting to think that the whole wobble thing may be really happening. I hope Planet X is not the cause. [This reporter has the Sunset dramatically too far to the NORTH by 12° on Dec 16, a correction, moving in the wrong direction.]

Chile Dec 18: Sunset 28º South of West. I'm Scratching my head. I think solstice will be impossible to determine if this trend continues! [Now back to being further SOUTH than it should!]

Chile Dec 22: Sunset 35° South of West. [8° further SOUTH than is should be.]