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Wobble Captured
on Oct 31
on GodlikeProduction Message Board

The Moon is moving as I´m watching it.I am sitting at my desk in the UK and at 09.00 AM. I switched on my computer. As I opened my curtains, I observed the Moon to the NW and thought of all the posts made on this forum about the Moon. In ten minutes it moved (and is still moving) as I type. There is a church spire 300 metyres from my house. In ten minutes I have watched it move from 6/7 degrees to the left of the spire and it is now, at 9.13, 3-4 degrees to the right and moving North. How can the moon move to the North by between 9 to 11 degrees in 13 minutes? I am an accomplished map reader (ex special forces) so don´t even try to suggest I don´t know how to use a compass (two of them both give the same reading). It is now 9.20. Add another 4-5 degrees. It is still moving. This, for me confirms that I no longer trust those who post here denying any deviation from the norm. It is moving. This can be verified. It is a clear day, no wind or clouds in the UK midlands. I´m sorry but it is still moving, add another 4-5 degrees at 9.28. This is happening live, I´m watching it! This is live, it´s happening and it is verifiable, a compass, a land mark and two readings five minutes apart. Three times, now, in 35 minutes it has moved over 20 degrees. First reading 260 degrees +/- 2 at 9.00. it is now 9.40 and the moon is at 281 +/- 2 degrees. In a few minutes it will be behind a grownig contrail from a flight that left Nottingham E Midlands air port.

I have just checked a very old DOS moon simulator I have and your observation are not normal. I assume you are in Nottingham? 52.57 N 1.10 W? Anyway your reading at 09:00 should have been azimuth 294.175 and at 9.40 301.344

Big difference between 281-260 = 19 degrees and 301-294 = 7 degrees. The Earth wobble was occurring as he watched, in addition to the tilt and lean of the Earth under the Moon. Excellent capture of data!