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Venus Continues
on Sep 20

Venus seems to be getting slowly brighter in the mornings. Is it drifting closer?
Mississippi, Sep 20
What is in the Eastern sky (about 20 degrees up from the horizon) from my location in Bethlehem, PA at 6 AM? It is huge! Is it Venus or what? Never seen Venus look this big if it is.
Pennsylvania, Sep 20

I also see this huge Venus in Wisconsin almost daily as I rise early and have a direct East view from my bedroom windows, and am stunned each time. Many note this. This is not a Venus slipping to the back side of the Sun, at a far distance from us. For Pennsylvania, per Skymap it should be at 30°, not the 20° described. It is too close to the Sun. I also have noted that is seems to be lingering, moving toward, not away from, the Sun. I laid out where Venus would be if we were moving, not halted. This, a normal orbit, would put Venus steadily away from the Sun. We would chase it, and after a 'transit' as occurred on June 8, it would appear further to the right (higher as on the Skymap) from the sun as we would have moved a quarter turn round the sun. But in a halted orbit, it would be already moving behind the Sun and appear to be returning to the sun, which is what seems to be happening. But, it is too bright! So everyone is saying. It can't be behind the sun! The Zetas said no 'transit' occurred, so maybe it is still in front of the Sun, retracting, and being pushed back to the left! Watching this closely.