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Sunrise in Italy
on Sep 6

I have taken few shots of the Sun rise here at my place, timings: 06:55 AM.

As can be seen from the broad view, at the Solstice the Sun was rising to the left of the tall building, two months earlier on April 21 it was rising over the squat buildings to the South of that, and now, two months later on Sep 6 it is rising again over the squat buildings to the South of the tall building, a mirror effect on either side of the Solstice. At this point for Italy, sunrise, the Earth wobble is at a wobble change moving from the N Pole leaning away from the Sun at the lower Siberia cold spot to leaning toward the Sun at mid day in Europe.

In the Reflections section of the Photos I found this from Aug 28, 2003. Comparable date, and the Sun in a comparable position although the 2004 is sunrise and 2003 is shortly after. It would seem the sunrise in Italy is neither early nor late, neither South nor North, but as expected.