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Temp Extremes
on Aug 19

The observations by many are:

  1. an intense Sun burning vegetation,
  2. and early Fall on the East Coast of N. America with unseasonable cold,
  3. heat on the West Coast of N. America.

The causes are:

  1. a smoldering brown dwarf with dust cloud reflecting light standing in front of the Sun, and
  2. an Earth Wobble that swings eastern N. America away from the Sun more than the rest of the northern hemisphere, but
  3. pulls the N. Pole toward the Sun as to roast Alaska and Japan.
In Tokyo, new Temp record is 40 days over 30C=86F.
While here in Alaska its in the upper 70s and low to mid 80´s .
I live in Portland, OR and the Rhodies are burnt to a crisp with this unusual hot weather.
Dry, dry trees, drought conditions and a heatwave expected to last throught the weekend. We live in the rainforest. We usually get rain every night, not this year.
I am in northern michigan here. The woods are toasted. Those burns that start on the inside of the leaf, and resemble a cigarette burn are everywhere. In addition to that we had a cold snap last week. These being the dog days of summer three days where the temp didnt get over 60! The sugar maples are begining their change that is for sure as are some of the smaller less hardy poplars and iron woods.
New Mexico
I noticed the leaves on some trees starting to turn! I live in New Mexico. Not all but some are starting, way to early for NM
New York
Earlier today I heard a blurb on the weather channel about a story coming up about leaves changing color early this year, but I didn't catch the story. The Daily Star Online, a NY newspaper has run an article also: ‘If you’ve noticed that leaves on trees are turning colors earlier than usual during this cool, wet summer, you are not alone. At the Otsego County Fair a week ago it was 39 degrees. People were talking and they could see their breath.’
Here in Kentucky the trees and our ornamental grasses are turning yellow. We grow tomatoes and sweet corn. The tomatoes finished about a month and a half early and the sweet corn matured in 75 days instead of the normal 90 days.
West Virginia
The maples in West Virginia are all red, and the leaves are already falling! Also the oaks are changing, the soumac, the poplars, most of the hardwoods are changing. Something is very wrong.
Leaves already falling, ducks and geese headed south, winter weather advisory in mid Aaugust. August is a month in MN where the majority of residents wish winter were approaching, but we have yet to have a real summer this year. [Note: Minnesota had overnight temps in the 20’s on Aug 19, freezing.]
Speaking of Kansas, August is the month when you strangle your spouse and take potshots at the neighbors here because it is over 100F with high humidity. This month of August in Kansas the average temperature has been in the seventies - with seventies forecast for tomorrow.
How about Arkansas? The tree in my front yard is turning already! We had to close the windows a few nights, because it was too cold! No lie, we had to pile on some blankets. I´ve lived here all of my life, and have never seen this weather in August.
Started snowing here in Norway yesterday. Normally starts in October.
Here in Colorado, August is the hottest month. It should be in the 100´s. Today´s temperture is going to be in the high 60´s.