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Sun South in N America
on Aug 18

New Jersey
In July 2004, before I had even heard of Zetatalk, I visited the Jersey shore for vacation. Every year I rise at about 5 AM and walk the beach until sunrise. This year I noticed it way further north than usual, but just kind of scratched my head. I did some web searches and found other saying the same thing.
In an earlier email I sent to you, I mentioned that the Sun appears to be rising and setting way to far North. In the last week or so [Aug 14] I have observed that the Sun seems to be moving a little more South, even though it is still far North.
I've noted that too [Aug 17], exactly. We are in an increasing Earth wobble, Japan roasting, our Fall early. Japan would not report this, but the opposite, a too hot Summer!
The Sun came out [Aug 18] long enough for me to tell that the Sun has moved so far South that it is almost off my measuring page.
I have noted very rapid movement South! It was still North by over 10 degrees a couple days ago, but today [Aug 19] seems dramatically South at 8:28 AM is Azi 100 and Alt 53. Skymap expects it to be at Azi 105 and Alt 25. Still a high arc but moving rapidly South!