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Earth Wobble Increasing

August 8
The Hudson Bay cold spot, the cold Atlantic off Nova Scotia, have been noted since May. This persists, with many in the cold zone wondering if Fall and Winter will come early. Note that the northern coastline of Siberia and Alaska/Canada are at the same latitude! Theoretically they get the same amount of Sun. Yet Siberia roasts and Canada freezes! The Zetas have explained the Earth Wobble and what this portends for the hapless Earth during her coming encounters with Planet X.


 August 14
A cold front has cut deep into the South. Almost fall-like temperatures, 5 to 15 degrees below average behind the front, linger. Record lows have been set Friday morning across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama. All-time August record lows were set or tied at Greenville (52), Greenwood (52) and Vicksburg (58) in Mississippi; Corpus Christi (64) and Austin (59) in Texas; and Jackson (47) in Tennessee. More record lows are likely Saturday morning.