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Growing Venus
on Aug 1

That thing is huge how the heck can Venus get so big? ... If that´s Venus, it´s comming closer to us! ... It is Venus, but something is pushing it closer to us. Venus is supposed to be moving away from us, but it is 100 percent for sure moving closer to us. ... I´ve seen the planet the last few mornings and it´s the brightest thing I´ve ever seen in the sky. It´s truly brilliant. Personally, I believe it´s Earth that is getting closer to Venus and not the other way around! If something is indeed pushing Venus closer to Earth, what would that do to us?

I first noticed this two weeks ago at 5:15 AM. Huge object in the sky in TX. I have been watching this thing and it seems larger when Venus was suppose to be moving back out away from us. Also, where I live I get a great open clear view of the sky in the country, believe me I am seeing it, I don´t know what it is, don´t buy it is Venus.
The very bright object in the eastern morning sky. Here is a collection of Venus photos I took during the month of July:

Note the size of Venus, compared again the crescent Moon!