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Earth Wobble Increasing
on July 20

Slovenia is finding the Sun moving northward, increasingly, on July 19.

Anyway, when driving to work this morning, [Jul 19], I had to put a sun-shield in the car to my left side (north), even at the part of the road where I always have it in front of me. For me to go to work, I drive 1/3 of the way towards East, then 1/3 of the way towards South, and then the last 1/3 again towards East. When there's a sun shining, I always have to put shield up, as it is in the morning and the Sun is low. First and last part, I drive towards the Sun, so I have it in front of me, but the middle part, I put it to the left. That works most of the way. For the past few days, I find it increasingly that I have to put [the Sun-shield] to the left even at some parts of the road in first and last part of the way [when driving East]. That was not the case a month ago, when the sun was supposed to be at its northernmost position, and I didn't have to do this in the past summers, for sure.

Austin, TX noted, on July 15, the Sunrise in their North facing window.

These past couple of days, [Jul 15], I couldn't help but notice the sun being 'off'. Our guest bedroom is positioned in the northeast corner of our house. There are two windows; one faces due East and another faces due North. We jokingly tell guests that an alarm isn't necessary because the sunrise rises in the middle of the East facing window, until now. The Sun now rises through the North facing window! (The house is a stable and permanent reference point.) I mentioned this to my husband (an aerospace engineer) and he, too, couldn't explain it.

Kansas City, MO found the Noon, tracked for over a year as a time keeper, suddenly as of July 20 coming earlier. Per the Navy, Sun transit was at 1:25 PM for July 20 and at 1:24 PM on July 13.

Noon changed. This is what happened. I had not gotten to see it for a week. Usually it is 30 minutes late, coming at 1:30 PM. But when I went out at 12:30 [Jul 20] it had not happened and when I checked at 1:30 it was well past Noon by the shadow. So I don't yet know how much it changed or when in the past 7 days or so. It just changed, more than it has since March 1, 2004!

Dallas, TX finds the afternoon sun now from the North, just within the past few days.

I garden obsessively [Jul 21]. The plants on the north side of my house never get direct sun. For the last 3-5 days, these plants are now getting full afternoon sun.