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Live Seismo Dupe on July 4, 2003

This morning, July 4, at about 7:50 AM in Scottsdale, AZ. I felt a jolt and then a few seconds of a rolling motion. Very unusual for this area. A friend of mine who lives about 10 miles away confirms that she also felt the jolt and rolling motion.

The quake databases record any quakes of low Richter, and a quake with a jolt and rolling motion is not insignificant. Yet this quake does not appear on the databases. 8:00 AM Mountain Time is approximately 15:00 UTC. No such quake is recorded by NEIC or other quake databases in the international network for that time period on July 4, 2003.

2003/07/04 21:20:21.5 UTC Mag 4.6 Phillippine Islands
2003/07/04 19:07:45.4 UTC Mag 2.5 France
2003/07/04 17:43:08.5 UTC Mag 2.6 Romania
2003/07/04 14:35:46.6 UTC Mag 4.2 Dodecanese Islands, Greece
2003/07/04 14:33:24.3 UTC Mag 1.2 Switzerland
2003/07/04 14:00:24.0 UTC Mag 4.4 Sumatera, Indonesia
2003/07/04 12:47:46.0 UTC Mag 3.2 Azores Islands, Protugal
2003/07/04 11:23:05.2 UTC Mag 3.2 Romania 

The live seismographs for Tucson, AZ and Albuquerque, NM from 11 UTC on also show no spikes, and every chart on the site is in a dead calm.

Tucson, AZAlbuquerque, NM