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Live Seismo Dupe on June 23, 2003

My experience was that up until about June 21 to 23 the graphs showed earth quakes at nearly all reporting stations with traces with amplitude spikes that reached from top to bottom of each location. On about June 23 it appeared the sensitivity of the instruments were turned down about 50 to 1 which showed that what had been very large disturbances are now on a level smaller than I had seen since watching the website during the last few months. It seems the powers that be made the adjustment so all would think everything had quieted down and there was no longer any danger of the supposed coming cataclysms.

This change in amplitude on the seismograms happened overnight. It is hard to believe that "they" think it would be possible to put that over on the ordinary people, but it is possible because my experience indicates that in that group little credit is given to the intelligence of the average person.