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China Quake Ignored by EMSC
Sep 2, 2003

An earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale jolted northwest China's Xinjiang region Tuesday but officials arriving at the scene said there was no immediate evidence of major damage or casualties. "Our director has arrived in the township worst affected and according to him no buildings are damaged and there are no dead or injured yet," said an official at the Kizilsu Kirgiz autonomous prefecture seismological bureau. "However, he has yet to travel to villages in other areas of the township." The tremor occurred at 7.16 am (2316 GMT Monday) in Akto County, some 25 kilometres (15 miles) from China's border with Tajikistan and 130 kilometres (80 miles) from the historic oasis city of Kashgar. A county government official said the area around the worst hit Bulungkol township was mountainous and mainly home to herdsmen. "Initial reports show no major damage or casualties but because it is mountainous we still need to carry out a more complete report," said county government official Jiang Xinling.
Northwest China hit by Big Quake but Escapes Major Damage
Beijing (AFP) Sep 02, 2003
2003/09/03 01:28:32.7 43.9N 63.5E 25 mb4.0 A NEWS WESTERN KAZAKHSTAN 
2003/09/03 01:05:18.0 14.1S 177.3W A GFZ FIJI ISLANDS REGION 
2003/09/03 01:04 A THE 
2003/09/02 23:49 M MCSM 
2003/09/02 22:49:33.0 47.6N 2.9W 10 Ml2.5 A LDG FRANCE 
2003/09/02 21:18 A LJU 
2003/09/02 21:17:27.5 43.1N 15.2E 10G Ml3.2 A INGV ADRIATIC SEA 
2003/09/02 21:17:14.0 42.1N 14.9E Ml3.6 A GFZ CENTRAL ITALY 
2003/09/02 20:18 M MCSM 
2003/09/02 19:18 A LJU 
I know dropping quakes from the databases is known to be being done but if you want another example then here is one from the EMSC rather than the USGS. They`ve dropped the main China quake at 2315 and only reported the aftershocks 7 hours later. I get the impression quake data manipulation is one of those things people still don`t believe could happen due to their non belief of such a wide ranging cover-up being possible.