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Hole in the Network with Justin Case
May 2, 2004
Short Wave, 5.085 mHz, 8:30-9:00 Sunday Evenings

JUSTIN: Look, I don’t know about you, but I can tell you I am on the edge of my seat. I am getting chills, this is so exciting. And what kind of seat is it? Its a front seat to the greatest show this Universe has ever known. The birth of planet Earth and its people into the seventh Golden Age of Light. No death, no disease, its Sunday evening everybody, May 2, 2004. Well, hi everybody, Justin Case back again with a special, special edition of Justin Case with another possibility on Hole in the Network Radio. We are broadcasting live from Chicago in these United States of America. Well, shining brightly tonight like a river of light the studios in the Solar Mansion are shining across the oceans to Europe, South American, Germany, booming into China, we are everywhere out there, North American, and only God knows where. Well, glad to have you with us tonight, fantastic program, very excited here tonight at the Solar Mansion, we have, as promised, the expert on Planet X, Nancy Lieder. For those of you who just joining us, this is Justin Case, I do have an elevated consciousness, and I am live from Chicago. What happens when one forgets the possibilities of richness of past, present, and future? One gets domesticated, you disappear. Now what’s the most important thing that we’ve forgotten here, as we devolved as humans from a Golden Age, down through those four great ages to this final Age of Iron? What is it, what did we forget? See, we forgot that we are spiritual being here, first and foremost. Sharing, we’re just sharing a physical experience together. First and foremost, spiritual beings. Now the ancient people knew it, it was common knowledge, and we forgot it. We are live from Chicago, I’m Justin Case, this is the Matrix of View without omission. Now according to the old Webster’s Dictionary, omission is a crime. Now its not necessarily what people always tell you what’s wrong, its what they are purposely not telling you that is a crime, and we believe it here. OK, we are moving along.

I’m Justin Case with another possibility and folks, I need your help here at Hole in the Network Radio, because what are we involved with here really. What we have here is a disinformation war, only in this war we could be looking at what they call collateral damage. OK, we’re looking at losses of 6, maybe 6 billion lives. That’s a lot of people. I don’t want that kind of blood on my hands. I’m aware to the point of knowing that the New World Order people are trying to keep these people sheltered in place in the low lying areas. They want to bring down, under population control, the population of the Earth to 500 million. That’s their plan, and we’re trying to expose it here, but we need your help. Now please, please, in order for me to get more help, more air time and help more people, I need more money, lots of money, but not lots of money from each of you. Can you afford a dollar? You probably spend that on who knows what. But can you afford one dollar to sent do Hole in the Network Radio. I’m going to give you a minute to get that pen. One dollar. I figure if each one of my listeners I figure sends one dollar we will really be able to increase our air time. And that will be because of you. So get involved. My address is:

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If you want to email me, if you have internet access, email me at And also, don’t forget to visit my website. Just punch in SolarMansion on Goggle and it will take you right there. And visit the Mansion. I have a number of studio produced programs, wonderful programs, people love these. My its about time program, I take you on a time program from where we are not to where we really need to be. A lot of magic happens on these programs because when you’re working with these energies magic does happen. These higher energies. Breakfast of Champions, I really lay out what this population control program is all about. Its been going on a long time and it all started way way way back when they destroyed our soils so we are basically a very sick nation and they know a sick nation cannot defend itself. We just have a real genocide program going on here. Maybe the greatest one of all could be Planet X.

I’m Justin Case from Chicago and we’re talking about Planet X and we have Nancy Lieder here with us tonight and we just can’t wait to get Nancy on. We’re going to do that shortly but I just wanted to mention we need your help. Send that dollar to Hole in the Network Radio. Well, this is not a New Age or mystic peasantry or some conspiracy theory show. My possibilities are based on a lot of research, hard data, and I, Justin Case, having a non-ordinary state of consciousness, an elevated state of consciousness. I help people make decisions in their lives of maximum awareness, consciousness is spirituality. Now about conspiracy theories, that term was created by a government think tank back in the 50’s to berate and ridicule people like myself, anything not broadcast by an official news media on the evening news. Well I’m Justin Case from Chicago with another possibility, a possibility other than those given to you by the Weapons of Mass Distraction, you schools, universities, mainstream media, and those corporate, 501 3C churches. These Weapons of Mass Distraction have distracted us from what? From our inner sacred connectedness, our divine nature, we’re majestic beings, we’re divine beings. They wanted to steer us away from God and God’s cosmic laws of the Universe. Well, they’ve been doing a pretty good job of it. Now, God and God’s laws, remember the Constitution was created by God’s laws, and we are responsible for what our leaders do. Hosiah 4.6 ‘My people perish for a lack of knowledge because thou hast rejected knowledge, be no priest to me, no children of mine.’ So we’ve got to be responsible, we’re all responsible, lets take .. responsible means ability to respond. Responsibility. This is the Matrix of View, folks, without omission. According to Webster’s Dictionary, it is definitely a crime. OK, we are moving along.

We have Nancy Lieder with us tonight, folks. You know, the Earth has been rebuilding itself and reshaping itself six consecutive times. Now Heaven and Earth were changed in every catastrophe, the ancient people said ‘You know, we just seemed to get our civilization going again, and along came one of these comets, and bam, there we were right back in the stone age again, we had to start all over.’ And this has been going on and on and on all throughout all of our history. Our history has been rewritten, that we just live in this little Disney Land, OK, well I’ll just make money and go shopping and everything is just cool. Well, we know that’s not the reality here as we look beyond this matrix of evil. Six times the Earth was rebuilt without entire extirpation of life on it but with major catastrophes. Now we’re talking about pole shifts, people. Six Ages have passed into the great beyond. Now this is the Seventh creation, the time in which we live right now. The time in which I’m speaking to you with my voice tonight. Its an honor to be with you tonight in these last moments of this time, this great time when we are morphing into a new being, we are morphing into a new type of human, the majestic beings that we were meant to be, our DNA is connecting. I’ll tell ya, we are living in a time when time, energy, and matter, everything is morphing into a new existence of itself, a higher expression of itself. Without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce, once again, back on Hole in the Network Radio, we had her back, last time she was on March 28, and we reran it last week, but she is back with a fresh interview, and she is just so spiritual besides knowing, being a real expert on Planet X. I love bringing out that spirituality part because this is more than just about cataclysms, this is our spiritual learning house, and that’s what I love about Nancy, she really gets into it. Without further ado, its my pleasure to introduce Nancy Lieder. Could you speak Nancy to, you mentioned yesterday, we were talking on the phone, that we’re 10% closer to the Sun?

NANCY: Yes, this is my understanding. And I get this, basically, from, well I’ll mention it on the air waves, I haven’t mentioned this up until now, but the Zetas have taken me, not in physical form, but my spirit with them in out-of-body, snooping, I have no other way to describe it.

JUSTIN: You were a snoop, Nancy.

NANCY: A snoop, and they take me because this time is a very tense time for everybody when the cover-up is just as tight as a drum, and some of the statements being made by the Zetas such as our orbit has halted and we are tilting and leaning seem so outlandish to people. They say, ‘but the seasons are moving normally’, but the seasons are nothing more than this or that side of the globe getting more or less Sun.

JUSTIN: Right.

NANCY: When you really analyze it, that’s the case. And so therefore the tilting and leaning somewhat simulates that, but there are other things that aren’t normal like the very high arc of the Sun during the day. During the day it goes very up high overhead, in the overhead dome, which is not normal, so its confusing. But its close enough to normal that people say, ‘but that can’t be, we’re having Spring/Summer here’.

JUSTIN: Exactly, and that’s one of the things I wanted to ask you, if you could tell people, a lot of people are saying ‘Well, I want to prove to myself that Planet X is real, what should I be looking for?' Sometimes its just as easy as looking up in the sky. I look at the Sun at this time of year and go boy that arc is really high for this time of year, it looks like its almost setting in July.

NANCY: Yeah, I’m glad you brought this up, and before I lose my train of thought, I want to finish, the out-of-body I’ve been privileged to go, is astronomers in their observatories, taking a measure, and reporting, to .. whoever .. up in the US government. And they have said 10% further in, 43% greater brightness in intensity of light.


NANCY: Brightness can be measured, and people have said the Sun is way too intense when you look at it. We’re having much too much warmth, and where the planets are, and the Dark Twin coming up behind us, its been seen on the horizon after Venus sets, and its a big hunk of very black like magma, so, we don’t see dark asteroids, so its difficult to see this guy, it doesn’t reflect that much light, but all of these things are indications that we’ve stalled. Now, the thing to do is first find out what’s true North for you. You can do this from a survey that you might have, every real estate, anytime real estate passes hands, and on that survey there’s North, there’s South. You find some building that is lined up North to South. Some of our Midwestern towns we’re privileged to have everything laid out North/South East/West very nicely, and I live in one of those towns. My home and our streets are very good guides for true North. Well, we went out and looked at Polaris, then, knowing that, and found Ursa Major to be 15° too far to the West, and at an odd slant, and Polaris 7-8° too far to the West. And I compared this by bringing up .. I have a Skymap program and there are on-line programs that will also show you, for your location, and put in the current date, such as April or May or whatever, 2004 .. what you should be seeing, and you can say ‘all right, true North, I should be seeing’ .. what kind of view, you can print those off, take it with you, and compare what you’re looking at to that. And you’ll see the differences. I recently heard from someone in Italy who said that Orion last night was at 260°. Zero is dead North, 180° is dead South, 270° is dead West. He said Orion was at 260°, not at 250° where it should have been. So when I get those precise measures, and I get them from people all over the world, I put it together and it all jibes, and they are telling me, from the pieces of information they have, what the tilt and lean is doing after every sweep. Sometimes we’ll have a sweep and they’ll say ‘holy cow’ suddenly, this or that happens, it went 20° further in this direction or that direction.

JUSTIN: I was on today and it said ‘Earth is passing through a stream of debris from comet Thatcher’. And I thought that was a nice way for them to cover up a lot of this. I looked up at the Sun the other day and it was kind of startling because there was a dust cloud around the Sun but it was so low I just couldn’t believe it, you could just see a perfect outline. It was unbelievable.

NANCY: Now actually, people describe this phenomena. Planet X is 4 times the size of Venus, not all that large, and its probably at a distance that is not any closer than Venus gets to us in its normal transit, but its shrouded by dust, and its in the glare of the Sun right now, and the dust cloud actually hides it. There’s no direct reflection from it but instead a disbursed reflection. So if you have something like a fog bank at a distance, and you shown a bright light like sunlight at it, that sunlight would scatter every which way, but basically .. but light bends toward gravity, as this light comes back toward Earth, it first scatters out, then it bends back toward Earth, and so it gives an impression of something almost as large as the Moon and very dim. People see an orb in front of the Sun, if they use a welder’s lens or some sort of a shield like a double up on sunglasses, some people use the plastic in a floppy disc, or from a Polaroid, that they’ve peeled off of a Polaroid photograph, but whatever is enough to make it comfortable to look at the Sun, and they look, or they use a shadow box so that its shadowed against the back of a piece of paper and they’re not looking directly at the Sun but at a piece of paper and shadow, you can see this orb. And they describe it as a nickel dime relationship, where the dime is overlaid on the nickel being the Sun. Now many crop circles have spoken to this kind of an appearance. Way back last Summer there were two of them laid in Wisconsin that had a triangle that the Zetas described way back in 1997 - 23° at the Earth, 18° at the Sun, and 139° at Planet X, and that Planet X being to our right in the northern hemisphere. They had many circles that were a series, little getting bigger bigger. Sun of a Gun if the size of that orb that people are seeing in front of the Sun is not the larger orb, which is sort of saying that ‘you’re going to get to this point, and then, watch out.’ So we have in our photographs that I have on my website, something called the Monster Sun and that also is a phenomena caused by this light scattering from this dust cloud around the corpus, the body of Planet X, bending out then turning and bending back toward the Earth, giving the illusion of a body larger than it truly is.

JUSTIN: Yes. Couple things I wanted to cover on this broadcast, for people hearing this broadcast for the first time, or hearing about Planet X, how would you suggest that they prepare.

NANCY: I’ve tried to line up hot links on my website,, that allow people to go and get directly. The first one they should do is look at Safe Locations. Now the Zetas provide a great deal of different information on different locales, continents, and the like, as to what the people living there need to worry about as far as surviving the pole shift, and life immediately thereafter. You know, whether they live in a place that is going to become flooded, or be a migration route for other survivors, or a desert or a swamp or what. After they have figured that out and they have determined routes to safety and the like, and how difficult or how much time they have to allow, then think about what to prepare for. You can’t expect phone lines, electricity, gasoline for your car, airports won’t work, trains won’t work, everything will be ..

JUSTIN: Water.

NANCY: Clean water lines will be broken, its as though you were dropped in the middle of the wilderness, really, and in some cases if things have been blown about by high winds and shattered down by earthquakes, it will be like being in a land fill full of junk. But just anticipate no electricity unless you can rig a water wheel or a windmill, and there are books you can buy that will tell you how to do that. Make a fire, don’t expect matches around, necessarily, but there are flints you can buy that people used 100 years ago that do not wear out, just ‘chk chk’ and you’ve got your fire going. Little old wood burning stove. Get plenty of seed together, gardening equipment. Things like goats which eat anything and make wonderful milk and chickens eat bugs and give you eggs. Think of some simple steps. Anticipate your shelter during the pole shift or going into it a tent or something you can take down, and after the pole shift you might try to berm into a hillside a little bit, straw bale housing, old adobe where you use the earth, rammed earth and the like. Think that you’re going to have to rebuild from scratch, from scrap, and the most important thing of all, is to be with people you know to be of good heart, and reliable, and team up with them. Because cooperation and help from other team mates is the survival item to have in your possession.

JUSTIN: As you say, Service-to-Others.

NANCY: That’s right, actually, this is not a, .. I think the Book of Ra referred to Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other, and its a term that many visitors, over many years, from many different parts of our Universe who have come here to help us during this time, and they use that reference. Its basically do you care about others, applying the Golden Rule, as much as you care about yourself, then you’re Service-to-Other. If you think of yourself, you’re not very mature, like a little baby always looking for what’s for you, what’s in it for you, then 95% of the time you think about yourself, then you’re staunchly Service-to-Self, and after this pole shift, in your next incarnation, you’re going to go off and live in what Hell is, meaning you’ll have to live with others of your kind. And that’s true Hell. And Heaven on Earth is living with others who are Service-to-Other, and when Jesus said he was coming back again, at this time, that’s what he meant. He was a highly Service-to-Other individual here to give us the message of the Golden Rule and the like. He said ‘I will return and it will be 1,000 years of peace’. Its not 1,000 years and its not just he who is returning. But our home will be a home for good hearted people.

JUSTIN: It looks like we’re heading for the spiritual close here as I had planned. I always like to state the Book of Isiah which states ‘a wise man sees trouble coming and makes preparations’. One of the things you state that I really like is that when the actually passage comes to be in a trench with something over you to protect you from debris.

NANCY: Yes, don’t rely on being in your house. You go down into the basement for the high winds, well the house could fall on you. And these are going to be Richter 9 earthquakes. You know trees survive just fine. They don’t become unrooted, and if you get down below the air line, like you would with a tornado, pull something over you so things don’t fall on you, a sheet of tin or some boards, you can grip this with sod if you have the time because that’s a great anchor. And the hour of the shift .. its an hour, you can tell when the shift is going to start because the Moon and all the stars begin to move. We’ll have rotation stoppage for almost 6 days, then the hour of the shift, then you can emerge and pick up the pieces. This is something that anyone, no matter how poor, can do for themselves and their loved ones. The trench.

JUSTIN: Yes. Now Nancy, a lot of people listening to this broadcast might say, ‘there sure is a lot of fear in this broadcast, where is the love’. They might say ‘where is Nancy and Justin’s spiritual path.’ The path of the heart and love, they’re not on, they might say that. They might say ‘they’re on a path of fear.’ What would you .. I get that from people.

NANCY: I know, I do too.

JUSTIN: Its kind of a mystic peasantry kind of thing. It’s kind of a drug like religion, is that what it is?

NANCY: My statement is, if you’re standing in the middle of a highway and a semi-truck was boring down on you, I’d jump up and down and say ‘get out of the road, get out of the road, get to the trench at the side of the road’, and I wouldn’t just not warn you because it might engender fear in you. People should be able to take their little children and be in a safe place and hug them close when the high winds start and say ‘don’t worry its going to be OK’, not be in coastal city where the parents are literally losing their mind or perhaps abandoning their children out of fear, and the children screaming and clinging and broken limbs and maybe they’ve survived instead of drowning and now here come the wild dog packs hungry and the child has a broken arm and the parents are dead, and I mean, this is horrible scene. It does not have to be. If parents take their children to a safe place and are with them then you’ll avoid that hopelessness that a child should not have to experience. They don’t mind camping. They don’t mind being .. that’s more fun for them anyway. So, ah, and schools out, think of it that way. So this is not unkind to issue a warning. Its actually allowing people to avoid a hopelessness, abandonment, feeling of being entrapped, and raged, and you don’t want everybody in a building and you yell ‘fire’ and the children get trampled. Instead you say ‘there’s certainly going to be a fire here’s the exit lets start siphoning out’. That’s what we’re doing.

JUSTIN: Exactly. I guess I bring this up because I had someone ask me a question yesterday, and they said ‘what is your spiritual path’. And it really caught me off guard because I haven’t had anyone ask me that. And I don’t really think about, I don’t talk about my spiritual path, I live it. This is my spiritual path right now.

NANCY: Oh, what a beautiful way to saying it.

JUSTIN: Talking to you, I am living it. So I thought ‘whoa, how do I put this in words’ and I thought well my spiritual path is of love and enlightenment. I think a lot of people get caught up in ‘I’m on the path of the heart’, but isn’t there an awareness factor here?

NANCY: Yes, if you’re aware of danger and you’re on the path of the heart, well by gum you care, and you alert people. It is a caring action that we’re doing. And action is the word to use. People wondering what should they do, if you just sit there and think about yourself and trying to quote ‘get enlightened and reach higher’ that’s not good enough, folks. You have to get involved, you have to think about your neighbors, your neighbor’s children. What are you going to do with people that did not prepare, even though they were warned. They have children, you may have to adopt quite a crew, quite a little flock of chickies, and take care of them. So this is action oriented, and you and I are taking action in this regard.

JUSTIN: Yes, thanks Nancy, and thanks for being a guest again on Hole in the Network Radio, its always great having you.

NANCY: Yep, I’m looking forward to the next time too.

JUSTIN: All right, we are out of time, we’ll see you next Sunday, and remember, I don’t care what you believe, I really don’t, as long as you believe there’s always another possibility. I’m Justin Case. See you next Sunday. Bye everybody.