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ZetaTalk: Team Mates
Note: written Mar 15, 1996

In anticipation of the roles they will assume during and following the coming cataclysms, the hybrids are increasingly being introduced to their human peers - those in the Service-to-Others. They answer The Call along with the troops of full-blood Zetas who have been hard at work in this vein for decades. Following the cataclysms many humans who have been working behind the scenes with hybrids will encounter them, and begin working side-by-side during the chaos as though there were nothing strange in a hairless, telepathic, slender race of men suddenly appearing in the neighborhood. In response to humans in the Service-to-Others giving The Call, hybrids, full-blood Zetas, and these humans confer, plan, parse out work, review progress, and all with scarcely a moment given to ponder the strangeness of the situation.

Humans will join our communities after the pole shift, primarily those of hybrids though we all live together, in small numbers at first, and in isolated places. Those humans already know who they are, and are anticipating this in their plans. These humans must be highly Service-to-Others, meaning they are almost exclusively willing to sacrifice themselves for others if the situation calls for it and is deemed important enough. These humans must also have a strong track record of being able to deal with the unknown, the gray area, without causing others about them to be distracted to attend to them. These humans must be able to focus on a mission, and achieve it, to be part of the hard working team they will join. As an example, look to Nancy, as she has had such an invitation extended to her.

Many humans are highly attuned to a role in the Aftertime. They can encounter other humans without alarming them. They may be known personalities, in fact, welcomed. The human form, the human personality, is ideally suited for work assisting with other humans in the Afterime. A gift of one of our batteries, which never wear out, for instance, would be explained by an human, where an alien might have to just leave it on the steps, knock on the door, and run.

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