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ZetaTalk: No Elderly
Note: written Sep 15, 1995

Where visitations have been going on for eons, it is only in the past few decades that the pace has been dramatically stepped up. The hybrid program, started in concept just after the turn of the century and put into full force only during the later half of this century, has only recently been part of the program. Collecting genetic contributions, sperm and ova, began with a few select individuals early in this century, and based on what we learned about compatibility and desirable genetic traits, we started the program in earnest. Pre-birth agreements on participation in the hybrid program were made so that humans born in the 1930's on would be available to the hybrid program. We also were able to include those already incarnated who gave The Call, but these were few in proportion to the need. Therefore, as the hybrid program began in earnest around 1950, among participants in the teens or twenties, the participants are now either youths, young adults, or middle aged - but are not elderly.

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