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ZetaTalk: Pregnancies

Note: written Sep 15, 1995

Our emissary, Nancy, participated in the hybrid program during her teens and early twenties, and will tell the story from the contactee's viewpoint.

Begin Nancy's Hypnotic Recall

I had a favorite spot. It was on a creek. They had built a stone wall where the creek took a bend. It would prevent erosion. You could sit on that stone wall and look on the water, and the big trees were all around. Some trees in front would block the road a little bit. There were places in there I would walk where it was really deep woods, and most of the time you would never see people. I looked out over water, where you could see something in the distance, and made a connection, made a mental connection. I would stare into the water, or look across, and go into a relaxed state, try to reach out to the universe, try to understand the universe. It seems like Junior High. I almost felt impelled to go down into those woods a lot. I'd walk down. There was a way you could drop down from the streets. I'd walk home, walk down to the woods, drop down to the woods, and walk around in there.

It seems these guys always come up from behind and never in front of you. It feels almost like a draw, like being pulled backwards, against gravity, like you were a magnet, being pulled backwards and upwards, like something grabbed you from behind the shoulders and was just drawing you up. The ground was falling away. I don't feel any particular fear about this. I think it was because whatever happened in the woods, I trusted. I had great trust in Nature. I didn't think that anything natural was evil, and if this was happening in the deep of the woods then it had to be OK, it had to be natural. It feels like the ground is falling away, 20 or 30 feet, and it made me just a little bit uneasy. It seems like something dark gray enclosing now, and a clank. I heard a clank, almost darkness, and someone tapping on my shoulder. I see something, out of the corner of my eye. This person's bigger, though, it seems to be a bigger size, same physique but taller than the others. He says, "We're here again." I think he checks my forehead lightly. I have this scar. He brushes my hair. He says, "We have to talk to you, about the universe. Do you know where you're going? We're all connected to the universe." It's all interrelated. We're all interconnected, intertwined.

He wants my palm print. I press my palm into something. I still think I have pigtails at that age. It seems they're checking out the trunk of my body. I don't seem to have breasts. It seems they're checking how I'm growing or something. I almost get the feeling I'm getting measurements taken, around the hips, like when you take measurements at the doctor's office, bone structure mostly around my hips and rib cage. I don't seem to have any clothes on, but I'm standing up. I think he's saying, "We have a problem." They're very grayish colored, and they're thin, like a thick broomstick. It seems like that to me. Even their bodies, almost like a thick broomstick. They don't seem to have a lot of substance. Or maybe they're like a post, but the arms and legs are like thick broomsticks. Very, very gray. No color. I'm noticing mine so much thicker than theirs are. He says, "We have to work together. We need each other." That's what he says. I have to share his worries. Something about the universe that's a concern. We're all interconnected. There's this connection. Something one has to worry about, feel responsible about. Not responsible out of guilt but responsible like you ought to do something about it, you ought to be concerned. It's got something to do with the whole universe. We're all part of this together.

I'm thinking about how we always slept with the windows open and the frogs would clang out in a constant chorus. I liked to sleep in the front bedroom where I could hear the frogs. I could sleep in there alone most of the time. I have a little bit of a feeling of anxiety about something now. I'm very vividly remembering the open window, how it was screened in. You fixed those things from the outside, you didn't put them on from the inside. The point is, the house wasn't real secure. I have some memory of being in that front bedroom where I could hear the frogs chorus, and something is going on with my belly. It's mildly disturbing. I thought that he had come through the window but I don't think he actually did. I think he just appeared in the bedroom and I assumed he came through the window. It was mildly uncomfortable, but other than being a little anxious I don't think I was concerned. The bed clothes were pulled back and he was checking out my tummy. It's like poking, like they do to check to see if your appendix is sore, poking around, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal. I remember the sound of the frogs, waking up and finding that there was somebody standing there. This was that taller person, not the little guys that were smaller than me at that age. This guy was slightly taller than me and he's standing there.

He'd come to check on something, I think. It was a status check. I get up and follow him out of the house, because the house was open. There was a door there in the parlor that you could open. You could go out on the porch. The whole area was very remote. We were at the end of a street. Dark, in the middle of the night. I get up, in my nightgown, and follow him out the door and slip down the street, because the swamp was right across the street. We didn't go toward the barn. We went down where the trees were very dense and there was a drop off. I was just following him in my little nightgown. I remember one time when I went outside and I explained it to myself that I just went out to check the night air or something like that. Well, maybe it was behind the chicken coop. There was sort of an open area there right behind the trees. He came to check on something. There's a reason he was checking on something.

I'm very aware of my pelvic area, the heaviness that you feel when you're going to have a period, where there's congested blood and the body is holding more water, and the organs there are feeling a little sexier just because of the fact that they're engorged. I have to get onto something. I'm thinking of the term bidet, where you straddle it from a standing position. You're not laying down prone at all. There's all this heaviness in my pelvic area. I have a little cramping now in my stomach, the same sort of sensation when you have menstrual cramps, when you're first starting your period and it's first breaking through the mucus block so that the flow can start. Cramping a little bit and feeling a release of pressure. In other words the pelvic inflammation or engorgement is lessened and at the same time the cramping stopped. I don't think too much about that. Somehow it doesn't seem to be a big deal, certainly not as bad as throwing up because you're sick to your stomach. It's not anything even in that ball park. It just seems to be a very small thing. I don't think anything about it. I walk back. This time I come out the gate of the chicken coop and come back in the same back door, like I'm worried about getting yelled at, having been out for a walk. I'm not supposed to do that. It's all very dark, everybody's asleep. I just go back to bed.

In those days, if I was having my periods, it was with tampons. If I didn't have a normal period I wouldn't have thought much of it. It seemed my mother just left me to myself, as far as having periods and things like that. I can remember times when I thought I was supposed to have a period and I didn't, just that kind of cramping that happens naturally anyway. I wouldn't have said anything to my mother, because I wouldn't have thought anything was wrong.

I do remember, when I was [19 and working at a resort for the summer], that my stomach was slightly more than flat. When I went back [home] I went to see a doctor because my periods had stopped. By that time I had already had a period, one which started after I made the appointment. He said it was normal for women to stop if they travel or work hard and the like, so I thought nothing of it. I was a virgin, and the thought of pregnancy never crossed my mind.

End Nancy's Hypnotic Recall

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