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ZetaTalk: When We Can Meet
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The hybrids are not to be presented to Earthlings at this time, due to the Rule of Confusion and the Rule of Incarnation. The Rule of Confusion requires that you of Earth not be aware of the final outcome of your habitation here on Earth, until you have determined your orientation. To know the outcome of the struggles you are observing would be like knowing the end of a movie or book. It spoils the viewing or reading. It would also influence unduly your actions and decisions. The Rule of Incarnation requires that you not focus on your next incarnation until the appropriate end of the present. Do not dally with your future wife until your first is dead. Complete the lesson to be learned in this present life before entering, if only mentally, into the next.

Will our hybrids take up residence on Earth, after the cataclysms? But of course, in Service-to-Other communities. This will be selective and cautious, and in most cases human societies, as much as they can function after the cataclysms, will be unaware. Some of our hybrids will live alone, or with us, the full- blood Zetas, and in some cases will live also with humans. Do not think, because the hybrid program has not been formally introduced to the public by your government, that our hybrids have not had social interaction with the citizens of the United States. This is occurring, and your government is aware of it. In these cases, familiarity has not bred contempt, but has created a great sense of relief for all concerned. We do not anticipate acceptance to be a problem. Imagine what must have occurred in Europe when the first African or American Indian arrived. Imagine what occurred in China when the first European arrived. Life goes on.

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