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Seeds for medicinal and culinary use:

Coriander Seeds
the Passover Feast, also esteemed by Hindus, Arabs, Egyptians.
Fenugreek Seeds
Used in old Mediterranean countries and as a condiment in Egypt and in curries and as a gruel in India. When used as a tea, becomes a blood cleanser and is used to relieve sore throats.
birdseed, the oil is used in soap making.
Fennel Seeds
used by Romans for flavoring medicines, used in stock for cooking, carminative and stomachic, believed to enhance strength, courage, longevity.
Mustard Seeds
nutritional, powdered mustard seed is emetic. Seed is rubefacient and counterirritant when used as a mustard plaster. Seeds are ground and mixed for table mustard.
carminative, antispasmodic, and pectoral. Native of Mediterranean areas. Used for flavoring, medicinally for bronchitis and asthma, perfume and toilet articles and an ointment against insects, lures for fish bait and small animal traps.
a member of the ginger family, used for curry powders, flavoring, incense and perfumes. Eases indigestion and flatulence.
spice or condiment to flavor breads, soups, rice, pickles, cheese, curry powders. It is also an aid for digestion and helps with colic and headaches.
Flax Seeds
source of Omega Fatty acids, essential, medicinally for cough medicines and digestive problems, catarrh, and in inflammation of lungs, intestines and urinary passages. Also for linen making.
Guarana Seeds
seeds are pounded into meal, has caffeine, protein, strengthens the Body. Comes from the Amazon
Psyllium Seed
laxative and for poultices.
Sumac Berries
when pounded into a powder stops hemorrhages and is used as diuretic. Some species are poisonous.
Sesame Seeds
native of India, grown for its seeds, which are eaten as food. Oil is used for cooking, lighting, and for lubrication. Also used for annointing in some religious ceremonies. A rich source of vitamins, minerals, and protein, calcium, and lecithin.
Sunflower Seeds
oil aids in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. Contain protein, Vitamin A, B Complex Vitamins, phosphorous, and calcium.

Offered by Toni.