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You can buy bulk at

Pacific Botanicals, Inc.
4350 Fish Hatchery Rd.
Grants Pass, OR 97527
(541) 479-7777

These people have excellent quality at a very good price. Print out there catalog and consider stocking up on items you will have a hard time growing for a while after the pole shift. Cost of Lobelia is $9.50/lb for fresh herb in seed stage available only during October. Cost of $16.50/lb for Dried herb in seed stage available all year around. Both are organically grown.

Offered by Mike.

You can purchase Lobelia Inflata seed and grow it. I have a 2 oz bottle of Lobelia Concentrate from Southern Botanicals in Clearwater, FL. Aloe Vera can be propagated by division. It multiplies readily, just separate the little tiny plants around the base of the plant and replant them somewhere else. I don't know how to save seeds. You must be in a very warm climate. I have not seen it flower here in New York State.

Offered by Toni.