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Dr. Schultze is about the best herbal healer we have right now. I use and have used several of his formulas. The Seed TEAM does have Cayenne Pepper seed, but to the best of my knowledge, no one is growing it. I tried to grow some this year, but either the seeds didn't germinate or they damped off after germinating. We do have Echinacea. Roger has just ordered a quantity of it. I am not sure, but it's probably not Augustofolia, more likely Purporea . I am growing a Cayenne Pepper from purchased plants. They are doing well. Several have turned red already. I have been hoping to make my own tincture. Also, I have a large 4 year old Aloe Vera plant and a source for more. I use both the Cayenne Tincture and Lobelia Tincture regularly and the Intestinal Cleanses. I have also used the Kidney/Bladder Cleanse and have the Liver Cleanse formula but have not used it yet. Aren't there Emergency Herbal First Aid Kits available from one of the Schultze suppliers?

Offered by Toni.