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Edited from a Video Cassette tape with the subject:

Top Ten Herbs for Medical Emergencies (C1998),
Lecture by Dr. Richard Schulze.
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The University of Natural Healing, Inc.
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Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
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Liver and Gall Bladder Herbs: Milk Thistle and Barberry. Use seed of Milk Thistle and the bark of root or root for Barberry. Latin name and genus is Silybum marianum and Berberis vulgarus.

Uses: Protects you from liver damage, hepatitis, liver inflammation, liver disease and liver degeneration. I have had patients that were scheduled for liver transplants and did not have them because of this great healing herb. The late Dr. John Christopher always said that whenever you have cancer anywhere in the body, you have a toxic liver that isn't doing its job.

Bitter herbs stimulate the digestion, stimulate the liver, and promote the secretion of bile, thus flushing the gall bladder. Although I only mentioned barbarry, its next-of-kin, Oregon Grape root, can be used in place of it. Other favorites of mine are Chaparral, Wormwood leaf, Dandelion leaf and root, Artichoke leaf (not flower), Gentian root.

Emergency liver formula: Mix 50% milk thistle, and 50% bitter Aloes. Make a tea with one tablespoon each herb per 16 ounces of water, and take 2 cups. Do a liver flush or add 2-3 cloves raw garlic if not immediately doing a liver flush. Otherwise, use milk thistle tea with garlic and the emergency herb bitter aloes as given above. Emergency liver problems are usually gall bladder attacks, colic, or cramping.

For severe gallbladder attacks, do immediate liver/gallbladder flush as follows: 2-3 tablespoons olive oil blended with 2-3 cloves of garlic and a big chunk of ginger. Swallow.

Fifteen minutes later, take 2 cups of DeTox Tea (formula to follow) or use grated ginger root tea or mint tea. If no results, repeat in an hour from first olive oil dose. You can repeat this every hour until the pain subsides. Dr. Schulze has never had a patient do this more than twice for total pain relief, even when patients were doubled over in tears. No patient ever needed emergency surgery after doing this.

Right after flush, you can put an ice bag on the liver, just below right rib cage. Do this for ten minutes on, then hot water bottle for ten minutes, then do ice bag again. If person hasn't pooped recently, give an enema to relieve any pressure from the colon.

Repeat liver flush next morning. Then repeat every morning for a week to heal the liver.

In a gall bladder attack, remember to work the bottom of the feet hard, for it will help spasms to let go. Dig in and search for painful points. Work the entire bottom of the foot, as much as the person can tolerate.

Also, in a liver emergency, a person can always add a castor oil pack. Soak a piece of wool or cotton flannel in warm castor oil and place over the liver. Cover with plastic to keep in the castor oil, and place a heating pad over the castor oil to drive the castor oil into the body through the skin. The castor oil acts like a transdermal patch to purify the liver.

Daily castor oil packs along with milk thistle tea (6 to 10 cups/day) can also help drive down dangerously-high cholesterol, since the liver is where cholesterol is processed.

Dr. Schulze's Complete Liver/Gall Bladder Tonic: Milk Thistle seed 40%, Oregon Grape root, 10%, Dandelion root 10%, Gentian root 5%, Wormwood leaf 10%, Chaparral leaf 5%, Black Walnut inner hulls 5%, Ginger root 5%, Garlic bulb 5% and Fennel seed 5%.

Emergency Dosage for Complete Liver tonic: Do Liver/Gall Bladder flush. Take 5 to 10 Dropperfuls of the Liver/Gall Bladder Tonic (formula below). Fifteen minutes later drink 2 cups of DeTox Tea. If you don't have any DeTox formula already made-up, use what you have, such as grated fresh ginger, or crushed mint leaves. One tablespoon per 16 ounces water.

Dr. Schulze's DeTox Blend (by volume): Dandelion root 2 parts and equal parts of all the rest: Burdock root, Cardamom seed, Ginger root, Pau d' Arco inner bark, Cinnamon bark, Clove bud, Fennel seed, Licorice root, Juniper berry, Black peppercorns, Uva Ursi leaf, Horsetail herb, Parsley leaf and root and Orange Peel. If missing an ingredient, do your best. This is always the rule in emergencies: use what you have. It is better than standing by and doing nothing.

Whenever the Liver or Gall Bladder is sick, you must adhere to vegan vegetarian diet at least until you recover. If there is serious liver disease present, do a vegan vegetarian diet for at least three months.

Offered by Mike.