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Edited from a Video Cassette tape with the subject:

Top Ten Herbs for Medical Emergencies (C1998),
Lecture by Dr. Richard Schulze.
Published by:

The University of Natural Healing, Inc.
355 West Rio Road, Suite 201,
Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
(804) 973-0262

The Heart Herb: Fresh Hawthorne Berries. Latin name and genus is crategeous oxycantha. Use the berry, flower and leaf. Many species exist, find the one that grows closest to you. My experience tells me tells me the berry is best, but the flower and leaf also have great healing properties. Berries should be harvested at peak of ripeness, by picking them off the tree.

Uses: With the number one killer in America being heart attack and heart disease, I can't think of a better herb to have around and use daily. Hawthorne contains phytochemicals that have been proven in medical research worldwide to protect and heal the heart.

Emergency Dosage: For patients in danger, take ten cups of strong Hawthorne tea a day, along with several teaspoons per day of strong cayenne powder.

Maintenance Dosage: For tincture use 1 dropperful 3 to 4 times daily; double if there is heart damage. For tea pour 16 ounces of boiling water over 1 tablespoon of crushed berries. Let steep 15 minutes.

For nervous or racing heart, Lobelia can be used along with Hawthorne.

Offered by Mike.