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Firstly I wouldn't be without a copy of Nutrition Almanac, Nutrition Search, Inc., John D.Kirschmann director. No individual author/authors are mentioned. Also, Is the Medicine Making you Ill? by David M Jackson & Rayner Soothill of The Australian Consumers' Association. They can get you started in the right direction. I would also recommend Today's Herbal Health by Louise Tenney, The Vitamin Bible by Earl Mindell, The How to Herb Book, on how to remedy various situations by Velma J Keith and Monteen Gordon, Nutritional Herbology by Mark Pederson, the Irodologist who designed the cover, What's Wrong With You, The Book of Herbs, and Irodology by Dorothy Hall, an Australian practitioner, Understanding Cancer by W H McCarthy, associate Professor of Surgery, University of Sydney. The Yeast Connection by William G. Crook. M.D. Steven Horne has also put out a set of 8 audio tapes in the form of lectures. I met him when he was lecturing here in Australia.

Offered by Jan.

I have about 3 boxes of various natural health books, however, as time goes on I keep coming back to two master herb doctors. Why do I respect them? They didn't write books using the research of other books. They were doers and got out there and cured people most of the time when left to go home and die by the medical profession. The medical doctors would say there is nothing more we can do for you. These two would then proceed to cure them. It didn't matter if it was cancer or some other incurable disease. So as a result I treat the other books often written by PhDs as something that is interesting but that needs to be tested. I have seen PhDs say in their books this and that will work as if all treatments are all equal when they are not. The truth is they often never tried it or cured anyone of anything they only rewrote what others have said. Often the wimpy dosages recommended are not enough to cure.

I treat the data from these two herb doctors as much more workable. I am talking about Dr. John R. Christopher and his kick ass tough student Dr. Richard Schulze. I believe the majority of what you find that either of these two have said is good data. I currently have the book School of Natural Healing by Dr. john R. Christopher, copyright 1976 which I believe still may be able to be purchased from his son's herb shop - 1-800-453-1406. The next source is Save-Your-Life herbal video collection. A 12 hours series of video lectures by both Schulze and Christopher. This is a bit pricey at $350. If you can find some one who has a copy to borrow or can share the cost it is worth it. Source:

University of natural Healing, Inc.
355 West Rio Road, Suite 201
Charlottesville, Va 22901
1-804 973-0262

Sam Biser in his Last Chance Health Reports often quotes Dr. schulze for many years now. You may be able to get this from contacting University of Natural Healing and asking for a price list and index of back issues. These videos and other herb training manuals and tapes by Dr. Schulze can also be obtained from:

American Botanical Pharmacy
P.O. Box 3027
Santa Monica, California 90408

Offered by Mike.