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Fly Eggs

From the A Book About a Thousand Things, by George Stimpson, copyrighted in 1946 by Harper and Brothers.

How do maggots get on meat?
It was once universally believed that maggots are produced on dead flesh by biogenesis or spontaneous generation; that is, the production of living from non-living matter. This belief persisted through the Middle Ages and was not finally disproved scientifically until 1668, when an Italian named Francesco Redi advanced the theory that every living thing comes from a pre-existing living thing. Redi, a Florentine doctor, was not only court physician to the Grand Duke of Tuscany but also one of the most brilliant poets of his time.
Redi exposed meat to the air during hot weather. It soon began to putrefy and within a few days was covered with maggots. He then put similar meat in a jar covered with fine gauze and exposed it in the same manner. The meat began to putrefy as before, but with no maggots. Blowflies, however, swarmed over the wire screen covering the jar and within a few days the gauze was covered with maggots.

The point is; to grow your own maggots without having to pick them out of rotten meat! Therefore: clean maggots! For protein and for healing bad wounds.

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