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TOPIC: Music

Music does more than soothe the savage beast, it is a marvelous outlet for Emotion. Music returns the wailing babe to the familiar rhythm of the mother's heartbeat, invites the distressed to join and become lost in the dance, and reminds us with soaring cadences of the emotional tension and release we so often experience when dealing with difficulties. Music has Health Benefits, as the Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync program attests. The Zetas Agree, citing how music can help health through establishing balance. For the Aftertime, music that addresses the Great Loss that most survivors have experienced yet the excitement of pioneer times will help survivors express and deal with their emotions. Fragile Instruments such as Strings or Reeds might not survive the shift or be repairable, but Stored Kits are an option. Brass instruments are durable and music can be made from whatever is At Hand, such as the Clay Ocarina or Whistles.