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icon Oil of Oregano

You can also get a high quality extract mixed with olive oil from American Herb and Spice Co. at (800) 243-5242. Cost is $29.95 for .45 fl. oz. For after the pole shift I recommend growing your own and tincture it using olive oil or alcohol.

Offered by Mike.

The following is selected direct quotes that came from Dr. Atkins Health Revelations, August 1996, page 6-7.

Last winter, while visiting Holland, in the midst of a grueling schedule, I developed a severe upper respiratory infection that at the onset was as violent as any I had ever experienced.

Luckily for me, I was staying at the home of two fellow complementary physicians, Robert and Marja Trossel. "Here's Something for you," Robert said as I assumed the role of a patient unfamiliar with the doctor's medicine. "I've used this herb hundreds of times in my practice. It's as strong as the most powerful antibiotic and can knock out anything." I wasn't skeptical, but I was surprised that I hadn't heard of a natural substance that was supposed to be so potent. I grasped the small vial of what Robert told me was oil of oregano, diluting a few drops of the very pungent extract in a teaspoon of olive oil.

Almost immediately, I somehow sensed that it was going to work. Within a few hours, all of my symptoms got better, and I was back on my feet in the middle of my taxing schedule. Once back home, I dispensed the remaining drops of the sample to some of my patients, each time getting consistently good results. I then realized that I had been introduced to perhaps the major herbal remedy for infections. It also is helpful in getting rid of candidiasis and other fungal infections. For most of these uses, I've been telling my patients to take three to six capsules a day of an oregano supplement made from the organically grown herb, in extract from, a few drops will suffice.

The oil also works topically. A drop or two on a ball of cotton can be rubbed inside the mouth to relieve a toothache. Though distillation as much as 200 pounds of oregano may be needed to produce a single pound of oil. The concentrate contains a high amount of two phenolic compounds, thymol and carvacrol, both mighty antioxidants that scavenge free radicals. Crushed wild oregano is ideal for protecting ground meat from spoilage. I've had a tough time, however finding oil of oregano in a form potent enough to be as effective as I've stated. Ultimately, I learned that an old friend, physician and author Cass Igram, D.O., has bought a high-quality version to America through the North American Herb and Spice Co.