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Does anyone out there know how the bark from a pine tree can be taken without harming the tree?

Offered by Susan.

No, I wish that I did though.

I don't think it would be hard to make this yourself if you have access to either of these plants. One could use water or alcohol and make a tincture. I have been able to do this with several other inner-bark of trees namely Una-De-Gato and Pau'D-Arco. Alcohol or cheapest 80-90 proof Vodka works best and the result lasts indefinitely. You put enough liquid to barely cover the wood strips or chips. Don't use any more liquid than is needed to easily shake it up. Shake it daily. Keep it in solution a minimum of 14 days. The longer the better. I leave it for months to sometimes more than a year. Use only Organic or wild crafted locally grown source materials. If it's been imported it has been washed and sprayed with chemicals and is no good and not worth using.

Offered by Mike.