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I recommend Grape Seed extract. It is basically the same type of biofavonid as pine. It is easier to find clean grape seeds than a bark of a pine tree. I have been using mostly the Grape seed product for over 5 years now with tremendous gains. You can find Grape seed extract or Pine bark extract (pycnogenol) by asking at your local health food-vitamin store or doing a key word search. It is fairly common to find now. Data from a phone call to Samuael Allen Associates:

Shelf life if unopened or diluted down to .5%: Indefinite (from 10 year tests). Heat will not destroy the properties. It is not known if it leaves the water before or at boiling temperatures. 1.1 oz of powder is about equivalent to 1 oz of liquid - Powder is one more step in the process a drying agent is used - the liquid concentrate is 60% GSE and 40% Glycerin. Specific gravity is heavier than water (about 1.11). Dissolves OK in alcohol. Don't know about Vinegar.

Data on GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract, Standardized Extract of Grapefruit, Grapefruit Extract, or Citrus Seed Extract) is on the web.

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Grapefruit Seed

Vegetable Wash - GSE in concentrations as low as 30-50 ppm have extended the shelf or transportation life of fruits and vegetables by as much as 300-400%. Commercial mixes use .3 oz GSE/Gal of water. Vegetable/Fruit or Meat/Poultry Disinfectant: 30 or more drops of GSE to a sink full of cold water. Briefly soak. Spray washing add 20 or more drops of GSE to 32 oz spray bottle of water.

GSE Replaces Chlorine as wastewater treatment - .35ml/L.

GSE is AntiViral for example herpes symplex virus type 1 at 1:256 dilutions. GSE Acute oral toxicity study showed that GSE is considered non-toxic by oral ingestion of the equivalent a 200 lb person drinking 1 lb of pure Citricidal (pure GSE) for two weeks. Shelf life of liquid concentrate GSE is about six-years (more data below).

Grapefruit Extract Stops Strep, Staph, Gingivitis, Candidiasis, Parasites, and More! Gargling with 2-3 drops of GSE in 5 ounces of water will handle the most resistant Strep germs. Can be used as a general purpose anti-plague agent - effective against vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) infections.

An investigator M.D for the Food and Drug Administration, reported that GSE is as effective as any other amoebicide now available, perhaps more effective and it does not cause side effects. Diarrhea: As a preventive when traveling, camping or eating out mix 3-4 drops in your beverage or glass of water or juice, 2-3 times daily, with or without meals.

Grapefruit seeds are well known as an Anti-Fungal Agent.

Allergies: Mix 5-10 drops into 5 oz. of water or juice, 2-3 times daily, with or without meals.

As a germ-killing skin cleanser used in emergency field prep situations GSE was 100% effective (at 100 PPM) in skin disinfection as compared to 72% for alcohol and 98% for commercially available surgical soap when used as a pre-surgical scrub for 1 minute.

1 drop/day was used effectively while traveling in South America by a group to avoid "Travelers Diarrhea". To disinfect drinking water when camping or in any emergency situation - filter or let settle suspended particles - add 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract per each one gallon of water. Shake or stir vigorously and let sit for a few minutes. Can be used in humidifiers, or where ever standing water is present.

You should be able to get GSE for about $2-4/gram. Pycnogenol is about $10-$20/gram. I currently buy Grape seed extract from LifeWise naturals 1-800-643-9558 it costs $1.91/gram. This is Item #2320 -Economy Size GSE (100mg) 120 capsules for $23.00. Citricidal and NutriBiotic also markets GSE, as does NutriBiotic and Vitamin Shoppe - 800 223 1216. Cost is about $15.96/4 oz. For a cheaper price and/or larger quantities contact Samuel Allen Associates 802 388 0661. 1 Gallon is $200 ($1.56/oz) 4 Oz NutriBiotic is $14.35 ($3.59/oz)

Offered by Mike.