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After the pole shift, if you can find a pine bark tree, use it.

Pycnogenols - proanthocyanidins - A modern strong Antioxidant found in laboratory test to be 50 times more effective in eliminating free radicals than Vitamin E and 20 times more effective than Vitamin C. This biofavonid comes from the bark of a pine tree and enhances the body's assimilation of Vitamin C. Has an advantage in that it stays in our bodies longer than E and C. Patented by Masquelier with the name of "Pycnogenols" in france in 1951. Relatively new in the United States. Has been used to prevent wrinkles, prevent aging, fight cancer, help with arthritis, reduces varicose veins, reduces edema, allergy, diabetes, ulcers, retinal degeneration, liver and prostate problems. Can produce the following effects: Capture and Neutralize Free Radicals, Strengthen Collagen and vascular system, Cross the blood brain-barrier, remain in the body in an active state for seventy-two hours, improve circulation, prevent heart attack, ...

Offered by Mike.