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As a Natureopathic Practitioner, I have a problem with this notice. But first I want to say that anyone suffering from depression or hypertension should see a doctor. Period! Especially before supplementing with an alternative herb or vitamin. Even then, seek professional alternative care before augmenting the traditional methods. However, on the subject of St Johns Wort: most traditional medical professionals are not trained to let the body heal itself if it can. They don't treat the illness, they treat the symptoms.

St Johns Wort has been declared a natural alternative to drugs for persons with mild (I repeat mild) depression. Dr. Bill says that since MAOI's are linked to increased hypertension, they are not subscribed very much. He is talking about synthetic MAOI's here. Synthetic substances, no matter how close to the original, do not behave the same once ingested. The drug companies alter a couple of molecules here and there so they can be patented. Man-made drugs not found in nature are far more profitable for the pharmaceutical companies than the related natural herbs because natural substances cannot be patented. The pharmaceutical companies that sell these patented prescription products have been remarkably successful in confusing doctors about the difference between the two.

The typical doctor thinks that the synthetic MAOI's are actually the same as St Johns Wort. Dr Bill even says the MOAI activity in St. Johns Wort is weak and only when it is taken in large quantities and combined with the mentioned foods or the synthetic prescription version, does it pose a rare health problem. As with all things, too much is not a good thing.

Offered by Leila.

There are at least 3 physiological mechanisms that can cause major depression (it's a physical problem to the same extent that diabetes is. I knew someone who took a MAOI, and I can attest to how carefully one must select food and medications when taking a MAOI. This person had a list of everything to avoid, and the list is very extensive. She once overlooked one of the ingredients in a dish in a restaurant, and we spent most of that night in the emergency room.

Offered by Ron.