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TOPIC: Medical Options

Treatment of injuries requires Medical Care to fight infection, shock, and pain. The Merck Manual is comprehensive. Consider the Types of Burns and Special Burns when determining Burn Treatment. Electric shock counters Snake Bites and Insect Bites, but this treatment is Controversial. Honey has Antiseptic qualities. Breathing exercises help with Oxygen metabolism; Cayenne helps the cardiovascular system; Emu Oil has healing properties; and Coconut Milk is a blood plasma substitute; Cansema is effective against skin cancer. Thyroid substitutes are possible, and Diabetes is helped by diet. Diarrhea, potentially Fatal, may run rampant in the Aftertime. Prevention of infection by physical barriers like Safeshield or using disinfectants like Peptides and hydrogen peroxide are helpful, but H2O2 Limitations exist. Bedsores are assisted with Milk of Magnesia. A Baking Soda treatment works for Candida infection. Cinnamon is effective against E Coli and when used in a Cinnamon/Honey combo treat many illnesses. Ice cubes, the cold treament, will cure Athelete's foot. Immunizations can be done ahead of time, but there are Cautions and Climate Shifts will occur. Wax stopped ears can be cleaned by Ear Coning. Unexpected sources of disease such as Earthquake Dust may arise. The Will to Live has been demonstrated time and again as important. If traditional medical care is not available, tips from Bygone Eras such as Cancer treatment, become important. Shortages may result in Stockpiling or the use of Herbs.