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TOPIC: Psychosis

The cataclysms will leave most people in shock, and Overwhelmed with loss and grief and the Death of loved ones, many will become frankly psychotic and often Suicidal and may need Straight Jackets. Care of the Afflicted in the hands of those who love them, the Caregivers, so practical guidelines on Mental Trauma and its treatments when hospitalization is not possible are imperative. Realizing that cataclymic changes are about to occur can result in Anticipatory Grieving, and primal Fear. As many will need to relocate, there can be Relocation Stress, as well as Spiritual Distress, Social Isolation, a sense of Hopelessness, and lingering Post-Traumatic Stress disorder. Some words of advice on Helping Children Cope, those most vulnerable among us, are excerpted from the Red Cross. A list serve, which is an On-line Forum, has been formed for mental health professionals interested in disaster psychology.