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Hale-Bopp Foundation

There is a contest underway between what the Zetas have said about the expected return of the 12th Planet and Hale-Bopp enthusiasts. Hale-Bopp enthusiasts claim it to be Millennium Comet, but the Zetas have called this a false comet touted to distract a potentially frightened populace from the 12th Planet's approach, and have stated that Hale-Bopp when first announced in late July, 1995 was in fact an exploding star since its appearance looked more like a supernova than a comet. You decide, as here are the Definitions and what astronomers are reporting on the massive Size that Hale-Bopp suddenly assumed, the Stellar appearance that Hale-Bopp presents, the total lack of comet Emissions coming from Hale-Bopp, the lack of a significant Orbit, and the fact that Hale-Bopp was to be Hidden before its time!