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ZetaTalk: Customs

Note: written on Sep 15, 1995

Nancy accompanied her three children during an interview, where having passed the first phase they were taken to the later phase of the interview process elsewhere in the Universe. As was our practice at that time, in accordance with our agreement with MJ12, they were notified and allowed to monitor the exit and entry. Nancy will tell you the story in her own words.

Begin Nancy's Hypnotic Recall

I'm trying to remember the circumstances of when we bought the tent and did some camping. I think I bought a tent that had a blue bottom. The top was a dark green canvas. It had a blue plastic bottom. I remember how we folded it up, and it would always be blue. It was a big tent. It was on sale, and then we got some sleeping bags. I know I took the kids quite frequently not just in the summer but in the spring and the fall also, as long as it wasn't snowing. We'd go for the weekend and set up the tent, and when it was in the spring or the fall there would hardly be anybody else in the campground. Maybe we'd even have the campground to ourselves. Sometimes there'd just be one more tent down the road, and of course there wasn't any way for someone to get hold of us because there was no telephone and the relatives in the area weren't the type to come over and look us up anyway, they weren't that close to us. I'd make a fire. I'd get some firewood and make a fire and cook supper. And if it wasn't in the middle of summer when the campgrounds were full, the kids would just run down the road or go off into the woods or to the lake, which had a small beach there.

It wasn't that we had any planned activities. The idea was to just get out where they could run around in the woods. And in the morning I would make coffee. Everyone was still sleeping and I would go for a walk. Along the lake they had a path that was paved through the rocks, and I'd go see the birds and the like. Very early, like dawn. We'd have a fire at night. We'd roast some marshmallows or whatever, but generally we'd go to bed about dusk. Everybody had to set up their sleeping bags ahead of time, before the light went down. We did have a Coleman Lantern, and I would light the lantern. When we would go to bed, we'd all get in the tent and I'd put the lantern on the outside of the tent since it would suck oxygen otherwise, create carbon monoxide poisoning. Then after everybody had changed clothes and tucked under I would reach out of the tent and turn down the Coleman Lantern. Then it would be pitch dark, and I'd zip everything up and we'd settle in for the night. So I'm trying to think if there was ever a time when we were all camping, and we'd settled in for the night, if there was ever a time when I was with my children and there was any kind of an encounter.

Well, I think I'm seeing something. It's dark out and I'm at the tent door. I'm seeing two or three of these guys coming up through the shadows, coming up through the dusk toward the tent. They've very, very skinny gray bodies, and it looks like they're walking up a slight incline to where the tent is. The tent door is facing down the incline. They seem in that position, like they're leaning forward a little bit, coming up the incline. I think one of them comes in the tent, and he's got his finger to his mouth, saying, "Shush," that kind of thing, like a motion, like, "Don't say anything." I think they put their hands on top of the kids heads, and this wakes them up but they're walking up semi-sleepy. They don't wake up with a start. They don't act alarmed. They're doing this shush motion again. They're motioning to come on. We all have our little pajamas on. I don't think it's that cold out, because the door to the tent flap is back so that we could get air coming through. We all trip out, sort of single file. One of the guys is leading in front, and then the kids and I after him, and the last two bring up the rear. We walk down the hill in the direction that they came from, down to the left, which goes into the woods down into a little clearing.

They have a ship that's not a 12 footer job, it's more 25 foot, the next size up. When we get there [oldest] kind of looks back at me. I put my hand on her shoulder, indicating it's OK, and we just continue to go up into the ship and sit down. They seem to have semicircular seating. It's smooth, so that it's like a curved bench, and it has little rounded places for each individual ass. We sit down, and I feel a motion. [Youngest] is looking up at me, but I'm not giving any facial expression of alarm. [Between] seems to be more curious. She's just watching what they're doing. They're across the room over there, at some sort of controls. I don't seem to be asking any questions but they don't seem to be offering any kind of agenda either, other than, "Shush," and, "Follow me." That's about it. Now it feels like we're arriving somewhere. I have that feeling like when a bus brakes, the motion that you were experiencing before is changing. It seems like all three of them are gathered out in this room, like we're going to open the door and go down. One of them reaches over and takes me by the hand and so we all latch up, and we all walk like so many elephants, trunk to tail. I think [youngest] is reaching back, he wants a hand from one of the other guys. He's just little. We walk out and we're all in a row. Everybody's holding hands in a line, tripping along in our pajamas.

It's a rocky area, and desolate. No street lights or anything like that. It seems to be a desert area. It's not paved. If anything it's a little sandy. I don't feel that the ground is full of briars or branches or things like that. It's more sandy, but there's big, big rocks behind, not any mountains, but chunky rocks and sand. Very, very dark. I don't hear any sound of water, lapping motions or anything like that. Cool sand. It's very dark. Doesn't seem to be a moon-lit night. I think the instruction is to sit down in the sand. I think there's something coming, a large ship, something with lights on underneath coming down. We've got our heads turned, and we're looking. It has different colored lights on the bottom, not any one color, maybe more white than anything.

I keep wanting to say, that people in uniforms come out, but that doesn't make sense because these people don't wear uniforms. I mean, they all look like they have these little gray bodies, unless they're suits but you can't tell. It almost seems like a tan, or moving toward light brownish kind of uniform. Half a dozen people, and they come out, sort of two abreast, but not in a formal kind of structure. A little informal. They move around like they're talking to each other. They don't seem to have any kind of gold braid on or anything like that, but maybe some kind of insignia to bespeak officialdom. I even want to say that these are people, that there are some people here, Homo Sapiens, three or four of them in these uniforms. This is a twist. They're talking to each other and they seem to have flashlights in their hands and they're walking over toward us, talking to each other. Not arguing exactly, but talking, maybe more in a heated manner. They're not passive blobs. Discussing something, possibly arguing, it's hard to tell. One of them says, "Oh, here they are," and the other one says, "So, what do we say to them?" The first one says, "Just follow instructions." Hah!

"How do you do, Ms. [Nancy]," one of them says to me, "This is Lieutenant," oh, I don't catch the name, introducing the person next to him. "We're from MJ12." I'm trying to think if they're saying, "We requested this meeting" or "We were requested." I think they're saying, "We were requested to meet with you and explain a few things. This is difficult, and I know this seems odd, but I was told you would understand. We want you to come with us. Don't be alarmed." I'm saying something like, "It's OK." They say, "Bring the kids," or something like that. He's motioning to the kids. So now we're walking toward the larger ship, all sort of in a clump instead of hand-to-hand. [Oldest] and [youngest] don't look at me for reassurance because apparently having people there makes them feel a little less irritable, I think. We all go up into the large ship. I think it has a moving stairwell. It's enough for one or two people abreast, rather than a ramp or staircase. When we get to the top of the stairwell there's just a corridor in front of us. White, and lit, and we go down the corridor. I turn to the right at the end of that corridor, and into a room that has a conference table or something like that.

There's half a dozen of these guys in their little gray, skinny bodies. But these look like their bodies are a little thicker. Maybe they're just bigger. Their heads are a little heftier, so they're not as small as the crew that came to get us. Now the conversation has changed from verbal to mental activity. There seems to be a lot of mental charge in the air. We all sit down in chairs at one end of the table, like in a semi-circle, the four of us. They're in a semi-circle on the other side, maybe six of them, and the Homo Sapiens have disappeared, they didn't come in. I think I'm asking them, "What do you want?" They say, "We want to interrogate you," or something like that. I'm saying, "Have at it." But they say, "About your children, which ones we'll chose." I'm saying, "What do you base your choice on?" And they say, "Many things." I'm shifting back in my chair, leaning to the background, to let the kids talk, since that's what they want to do, talk to the kids. There's three little faces, looking out across the table. I'm not sure what kind of conversations are going on, maybe that's because they're not directed at me, but maybe I pick up side perceptions. What do they do with their time. What they want. What they miss.

He's asking them if they'd like to, "Take a ride in the ship and go and see the Universe." I don't think anybody knows how to respond. I think I hear [youngest] say, "I would." I hear engines humming, that kind of a sensation. Somebody comes and says, "Come with me," and we go out the door, the way we came in. We go down the corridor the way we came in, but this time we go to another room and sit down in some sort of a chair with a thing that goes over our heads, like a helmet, an easy chair kind of thing with little arm rests. Everyone sits down, with this thing over our heads, and it seems like I black out. I'm sleeping or something. The next thing I'm aware of is my toes moving around, and my fingers. It's still black. My eyes are closed or the room is black. Then it comes into view, fading back in. I'm in the same room but the kids are missing and my helmet's back. I'm looking around to see where everybody is, and somebody sticks his head in the door, kind of leans in the door. I get up, not that I've been summoned or anything, I'm kind of curious. I'm looking around. It's kind of obvious that I'm looking around for where everybody is. I'm walking slowly toward him, checking around, and then the three kids walk back in the room. [Oldest] says, "Hi, mom." It looks like she's had a good time. [Between] is more quiet and serious. [Youngest] just has a bland look on his face, slightly curious. I'm saying, "Where are we?" [Oldest] says, "A neat place." [Between] says, "But they don't have any swimming pools."

Then we go into the next room, and they have some sort of a buffet set up, but this buffet is very strange because it's like a pile of vegetables or fruit combinations. I don't recognize anything, and you can take some of that in your hand and eat it if you want. There's no dishes or eating utensils. I don't recognize any of it. It has a very bland taste, whatever it is, but it's edible. I try a piece or two. Someone says, "We're going to take you home now, so you have to go back to sleep." So we all go back in and we put our little helmets on and sit in our chairs. We all go back to sleep, put our helmets on. Everything blacks out. The next thing I'm aware of is my stomach muscles feeling fatigued. Instead of moving my hands and feet around I feel a sense of fatigue in my stomach muscles. I'm pushing the helmet back. This time the three kids are there. Two or three guys are saying, "Good-by," and one of them is saying, "Come this way." We walk back down the corridor. I don't think we're going down the moving stairway, I think it's like an elevator drops down to the ground. We walk over to a little ship this time, one of those 12 footer kind, and sit on the bench and take off. This time we were on concrete, not on sand.

We get dropped off right in front of our tent, more or less. It's dead of night. We go back in the tent and crawl in our sleeping bags and settle down. But I do remember there was one time we went camping and when people asked me what we did I was hard pressed to describe what we did, over the weekend. We hadn't gone to see horses or gone swimming or climbed around the bluffs - we hadn't done anything in particular. So it was different, because normally we would do some sort of activity to break up the weekend, but we didn't seem to have much to say.

End Nancy's Hypnotic Recall

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