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ZetaTalk: Right To Know

Operation Right To Know seeks to force the government to reveal what everyone already knows, that being that the alien presence is real and solid proof is in the hands of the government. Are we supportive of these efforts? Of course, even though we confuse the issue by our failure to leave startling proof in the hands of the populace. The populace has an increasing onslaught of highly troubling proof, which nevertheless has just that element of doubt necessary to keep those who would be frightened from a state of panic. Operation Right To Know will produce, we are sure, an increasing amount of evidence which will cause many in the populace to wonder, and ponder amongst themselves, and discuss matters at the dinner table. This is all to the good, and the time is right.

Will Operation Right To Know succeed in its goals, and bring forth the smoking gun, the captured space ship long hidden at a remote air base, the string of aliens from many worlds presented as ambassadors? We think not. However, through Operation Right to Know and other such means the government and those who wish for the truth to be accepted and openly discussed will see the Awakening progress. This moves in the right direction, and this is what matters.

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