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ZetaTalk: Ultimate Lot
Note: written during the Feb 8, 2003 IRC Session

We have advised that the common man avoid becoming a slave of the elite, avoid offers of employment that require their relocating, so as to avoid becoming a slave. Is this advice necessary, and would such a scheme by the elite succeed? The elite presume the status quo continuing. They presume the public being dumb until the end. They presume their lackeys being good employees until the end. They presume their funds, their wealth, being worth what it is today until the end. They presume industry plodding along so that supplies will be available until the end, commerce continuing. They presume that repairs in the supply line, in communication lines, will be forthcoming and not permanently, disruptively, devastating. They are wrong on all counts.

They will find they cannot escape to their enclaves, as expected, but will be trapped with the populace by mechanical or other problems. They will find that their secrets, their locations, the whereabouts of their supplies, are divulged due to careless and distracted employees, or angry employees. They will find that the mercenaries they have hired, and presume they will control, will turn a surly eye upon them well before the shift, and may take their transportation to their safe enclaves away from them well before the shift, such will be the comeuppance they will receive from the thugs they have employed. They will find nothing they have planned working as expected, the horrors to them endless and beyond enumeration. In short, they will find themselves fully with those they have so casually condemned to horrors in innocence. The poor, their babes in their arms, trapped in coastal cities by bridges bombed by the elite so the poor cannot escape. The injured survivor, broken limbs, infected cuts, starving children, looking about without rescue. This will be their lot, and a perfect Karma it is!

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