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ZetaTalk: Contour Probe
Note: written during the August 17, 2002 IRC Session

Lately NASA has had a series of setbacks, back-to-back and seemingly without stoppage. Is this a coincidence, or the hand of interference?

We have stated since the start of ZetaTalk that a quarantine exists between humans on Earth and the inhabitants of the 12th Planet, a.k.a. Planet X. The reasons for this quarantine are that the heavy hand of the giant hominoids from Planet X, who were mining for gold on Earth, were disrupting what the Council of Worlds considers a balance in the Service-to-Others/Service-to-Self nature of the world emerging souls are presented with. The giant hominoids were more technologically advanced than the humans of the day, who were no more advanced than Third World countries not yet in contact with what mankind terms modern civilization. They were essentially hunters and gatherers, though intelligent, living in huts and hunting. The giant hominoids arrived on rockets, had lasers, could ride high on personal rockets and land at a distance, thus seemed to command the skies. Humans were terrified, enslaved, abused, and the giant hominoids sent down for long mining missions determined to keep them there. The quarantine was imposed in such a way that the giants did not discern that this was occurring by an outside hand. They had technical difficulties, sudden weather that swamped their ships, attacks by carnivores on the road that were hard to explain by history and experience, and, finally decided to leave Earth for the relative quiet of Mars.

Now, does this not seem similar to recent problems NASA is having? Technical difficulties, and among those we will list:

  1. the cracks in the shuttles, causing them to be grounded until inspected and repaired.

  2. the cracks found in the vehicles used to position the shuttles, as takeoff and landing are touchy times and no one wants a repeat of the fireworks caused by a simple O-Ring years ago.

  3. the lost probes that went seeking to peek at Phobos, the moon of Mars being currently mined by the giant hominoids.

  4. the destruction, without explanation, of the current reputed comet chaser, Contour, which was not simply out to check the comets reported to the public, as many suspect.

What is the reason for these disasters, outside of the quarantine, and what was the true mission the equipment disabled was upon?

The Shuttles were disabled to make the message clear to those hoping to leave Earth, hopping to Mars or outside the influence of a pole shift on the surface of Earth, that escape will not be allowed. We have stated this, years ago, and now you see the force behind those words. Up until the present, the apparent accidents NASA was having were given as warnings to them and their masters, but this message was not heeded. We and the Council allowed success, as this tends to pull the motivations of those conducting such campaigns out where they can not only be surmised, but proven. You might call this a form of bait-and-switch, where they were led to believe they could succeed, while being given the message that accidents could happen, and not by accident. As with 911, where the Bush Administration was aware that they were being warned, were being told just what would happen, and ignored this, likewise they ignored these warnings. Thus, their successes were not an indication of the future, but to demonstrate their motives to all, and this time is at an end. The gloves are off now. Do they think they will go aloft, get the space station operational as a landing spot, and actually make Mars habitable until a return to Earth post-shift? Should this scenario be sold to the dumb, rich, and frightened, it will no longer fly. No one - save the utterly gullible - would buy into the statement that NASA can succeed, now.

It is obvious that the probe failing at Mars was disabled so that mankind could not see what was going on, on Phobos. Left in the dark, they could only assume no activity there. This was directed by the Council of Worlds. This moon was chosen by the giant hominoids for its mineral composition, which is rich in Gold. Why does mankind suppose that Gold is present only in small amounts, elsewhere, as is the case on Earth? On Phobos it was the major component. Thus, the giant hominoids were content to mine there, and the quarantine was secure. Where the Phobos probe was destroyed by the giants mining Phobos, this was assisted to succeed. Had they not succeeded, we would have, and thus, it was not simply the efforts of the giants that determined the outcome. And why disable the Contour, which ostensibly was only going out on a probing tour. This probe, as you might imagine, was not going to head for some silly dirty snowball, but was heading straight for the beef, Planet X. There it was to report all manner of information, destined to alarm mankind as to the habitation of this inbound planet, the technology of this inbound planet, and there you are with mankind having their balance between Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others influences disrupted!

How would this information be used, by those on Earth, to the disadvantage of the average emerging soul? Not unlike the movies ID4, and Signs, wherein mankind was to cling to their government, who would save them, this information would be used to allow Service-to-Self governments virtual power to do anything to their public, in the name of their protection. Look to how the US, the Bush Administration, has used the WTC attack to attempt to remove all civil rights, the right to trial, the right to charges made public, the right to an attorney, and substitute decisions made solely by a handful of power mad in the White House alone. The Supreme Court acting like a Kangaroo Court, in putting Bush in the White House. The Congress not to be saved in the event of an attack on DC, only those in the White House considered to be important. What does this say, regarding what an even greater threat would allow? The horror is not what is approaching, as survivors will survive in spite of being uninformed, and those in control of the Contour information would not be any more considerate of the public's needs than they are today, during their cover-ups. The horror is what the public would allow, going into the pole shift, should such Service-to-Self dominated governments, who desire world domination, be empowered with information.

Thus, the probe, which would have returned information that could be used to these ends, was zapped.

Note: added during the September 14, 2002 LIve ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The trajectory was to head straight out toward the inbound Planet X, and we are sorry that more firm proof of this is not in hand, and unlikely to get in hand. Much talk in the media about Contour's demise, but no discussion about the planned path! Now why is that?

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