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ZetaTalk: Aftertime MJ12
Note: Written during Dec 8, 2001 Live ZetaTalk IRC session.

The new MJ12 will be the least devastated during the coming shift, in terms of communications capabilities and travel and a safe and secure place to live. These individuals who formed the new MJ12 are with us, being to a one highly Service-to-Others. They are living on the surface of Earth, in 3rd Density, with a group of Zetas who do likewise in order to live with those humans who have teamed with us as a result of prior association with MJ12 and the necessity of our being present, so to speak, at all times. Just where these living quarters are is not something we care to announce. They are, to facilitate travel and pickup, of course wearing implants. None of these folks, nor we, have any time to lose. Their travel is via the means offered to the old MJ12, with our space ships and the cloaking they can effect, so they are invisible. Their agenda has changed little since we announced the formation of this group.

Their communications are highly telepathic, as there are a number of telepaths employed formerly by the old MJ12 among them. We boost this capability so this communication means by these humans is enhanced. The old MJ12 had 40 members on 2 boards, but no females. Due to the nature of the old MJ12, there are few females in the new MJ12. But there are a few. This group is likely to grow, over time, after the shift, as conscious awareness of the alien presence is all that qualifies for initiation. That, and a strongly Service-to-Others orientation, of course. The count today of the new MJ12 members is 57, but this in no way compares to the old MJ12 which had approximately 2,000 members, of which President George W. Bush was one, and Cheney.

How will matters change for this group, who have left human society in the main, after the shift? They will find humans more open to their message, having suffered the shift as ZetaTalk has predicted. They will be busy helping Service-to-Others communities become aware of the wider world and universe, no small deed in that introduction to alien lifeforms may indeed be made with the new MJ12 being ambassadors. They will be busy continuing their agenda, which is to block and frustrate Service-to-Self human groups from having their way on the new Earth. Thus, they will be busier than ever, as will Nancy and some of her human acquaintances.

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