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ZetaTalk: Certain Countries
Note: written on Dec 15, 2001

Countries outside the inner circle of knowledge about the coming shift are reacting at present to weather and crop problems as they have in the past. Police are mustered to keep riots down, so starvation proceeds quietly. Should they learn that the Earth will undergo the changes it will, those in power can be expected to react as they do today to situations threatening themselves or the public they are responsible for. Honesty in government is in keeping with their current stance, and unlikely to change in the months and days going into the shift.

How many governments are aware of the approach of a shift? Few. A half dozen are in the loop, with another dozen suspecting but not told. This is of course not a change from the status quo among governments. In the past, economic conspiracies would exist, be suspected, but never proven. The CIA, working for the US as a democracy, has destroyed and brought down many fledgling democracies, elected governments. This is known, was known, yet the CIA never called to account. Those countries outside of the inner circle have been there all along, so suspecting yet another conspiracy of silence is not something they would loudly proclaim. They have long since learned to live with this situation, and understand that more information is learned from those closely holding their tongues, who can be trusted to do so. Thus, the industrialized giants - the US, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and Japan are in the know. Countries suspecting are those surrounding these - Canada, Mexico, and the EU. Those watching nervously as the US treats global warming as a nonentity to be dismissed, while the weather howls, include the rest - China, Africa, Australia, and South America.

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