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ZetaTalk: New MJ12
Note: written on Jan 15, 2001

The members of MJ12 who formed the new group have in almost all cases physically disappeared so that you could not find them in the phone book or locate them. The government cannot hack at them. They don’t have relatives or children so they cannot be harmed in that way. They are free agents. The new MJ12 group has determined an agenda and course of action.

To prevent disinformation and misinformation from ruling.
Not that it cannot be spread, but it cannot prevail as the only message the people receive. They want the public to receive the truth. They will arrange to have cover-ups exploded and leaks to occur and countering information to come up from unusual sources.
To maintain the democratic ideal.
They do not want to see democracy completely bite the dust and martial law imposed so that people become literally serfs of the wealthy or powerful at gunpoint of the military. This new group is not restricted in the same way the old group of MJ12 was, in that the old MJ12 had rules. There was a need-to-know basis between the various intel organizations and arms they utilized, the CIA and FBI. In many cases these agencies had no idea they were doing a MJ12 service. So MJ12 had full access to the government bureaucracy and agents, but they had many rules, such as not assassinating somebody who was in the public eye. Therefore, someone in the public eye could get away with maneuvers and thumb their nose, so to speak, at MJ12, knowing they were a public figure and therefore could not be taken out. This group does not have such restrictions.
To retaliate against the initiator, not the agents.
They are carrying forward an earlier MJ12 routine, which was to attack the instigator of an action, rather than any agent. In other words, if a high level executive of a corporation desired to have something blown up or someone killed, when this was against MJ12’s rules, they would punish the person setting off the bomb or person carrying the gun. These people would be stopped, but the person to be retaliated against would be the person setting this in motion, in this case the executive, who would be tortured in front of his compatriots or killed. This stopped a lot of nonsense in that those who would create chaos tend to live in fear of having this come right back at them in their front door, like a type of karma. So this new group is continuing this and going right to the top to the person who has perpetrated the crime, rather than to punish the agents and it is remarkable how effective this is.

This new group is very effective and has been functioning for some weeks at the time of this writing. The group has no name. You can call it the new MJ12 if you wish, and if and when they decide on a name they will announce themselves through ZetaTalk. In such a group as ours, a close-knit group, working effectively together, where there are human telepaths who communicate with us as Nancy does, pretty effectively, names are not necessary.

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