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How does one set up an emergency water purification system that uses minimum power to work with brackish water after a PS? What does one need to know? What strategy does one use to pull together the components in a short period of time? How can it all be made cost effective so the common man can afford it? How much preparation is needed? These and more questions will be attempted to be addressed in the detailed PDF File. Distillation is an excellent method of producing good water and is highly recommended. It is very expensive in terms of the amount of energy used. Distillation was well covered earlier. Separation by freezing will not be covered in this report. Portable hand operated methods to the extent they are usefully have been previously covered. What will be covered now are ways of filtering and purifying water using about 200 to 400 times less energy than distillation for use at a base site. Many may not have the energy available for doing distillation. So alternatives become appropriate. A good energy efficient brackish water purification system will have the following minimum components.

A block diagram of the major functional components would look like:

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