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The idea for building this originally came from the Sustainable Village website, as described below for the E-Still. The E-Still is made from SS and the idea of using a pot of water to do the cooling of steam is a good and practical approach. Unfortunately the E-Still described below is no longer available. I recommend you build your own using these instructions from commonly available pots and pans. If you still wish to purchase a similar product, check out the "Non Electric Water Distiller" from Distiller Warehouse in Canada.

Offered by Mike.

E-Still (Non Electric Water Distiller)
Great for camping, remote living, emergency preparedness, easing y2k concerns - a stainless steel distiller with no moving parts! Use with any type of stove - gas, electric, wood, a propane burner or camping cook stove, in a home fireplace or outdoor camp fire, on a charcoal grill. All it needs is a source of heat to boil water, steam condenses into 99.9% pure distilled water. You get 24 ounces in just 34 minutes, one gallon in 40-45 minutes. Includes a Boiling Pan, Patent-Pending Disks, an Upper Condensing Pan, Stainless Steel Discharge Extension Tube, and a length of High Temperature Medical-Grade Silicon Tubing to provide further distance of the Receiving Vessel from the heat source. The Pure Survival e-Still is a Manual-Fill, Batch-Type Distiller. With a Propane Camp Stove used as the Heat Source, the e-Still produces 24 ounces of Pure Sterile Distilled Water in 34 minutes as follows:12 minutes to reach the Boiling Point and Produce Steam,12 minutes to produce the First 12 Ounces of Distilled Water, 10 minutes to produce the Second 12 Ounces of Distilled Water, One 16.5 Oz Propane Bottle lasts for 8 batches ? producing 192 Oz [1.5 gallons] of Pure Sterile Distilled Water. The Production Batch Time varies with the Heat Source ? but, in general, the Pure Survival e-Still will produce 1 gallon of Pure Sterile Distilled Water in 40-45 minutes. With a Pure Survival e-Still in the house, you will never have to worry again about storing bottled water for an emergency. Create your own Pure Sterile Distilled Emergency Drinking Water when you need it the most ? in an emergency!