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The unit was built to be broken apart and shipped in a standard home Depot box no bigger then 18” by 18” by 25”. Recommend using only lead free solder. Your prices might a bit different I included my current cost.

2coat hangers (used to make the support for each end of the exchanger). See photos below.
129” by .5” copper pipe (about $1.10)
123.5” by 1” copper pipe (about $3.00)
21” by .5” by .5” copper Ts (about $4.50 each). This was the hardest item to find. I needed to go to a pipe supply place. I in a pinch believe you can use .75” x .5” x .5” pipe and fittings from local home improvement stores if you can not find this 1” T. The 1” versions are better and worth looking for. See detail photo below.
114.5” by .5” copper pipe (about $ .60)
14” by .5” copper pipe (about $.20)
1 2” by .5” copper pipe (about $.10)
1.5” copper T (about $2.00)
1.5” copper 90 degree elbow (about $1.98)
110.5” of soft copper tubing .5” OD (about $.80)
1.5”solder by .75” garden hose water valve ($4.25)
120” by .25” copper tubing ($.30/ft)
125” Self – Tapping Saddle Valve or Gate Valve if you can find it ($4.92)
11.5” copper end cap ($2.00)
16 ft washing machine input rubber hose (3/8” ID) one end cut off ($6.00)
16 ft of 5/8” car heater hose ($4.79)
5hose clamps ($.69/each)
1Barb 3/8 by 1/4 pipe tread for bucket feed though to hose. ($1.29)
2½” washers for bucket feed though (one inside, one outside, silicon rubber seal in-between) ($.13/each)
11/4 inch pipe coupling for bucket feed through (for inside bucket) ($.69)
1Purolator (F20030) fuel filter (pep boys) for float in pressure cooker ($3.99)
14.2 Qt Aluminum pressure cooker (Mirro brand $17.57 from Wal-Mart)
13/32 inch Bronze welding rod. ($.25)
13/16 small length section of copper tubing was used for float hinge ($.40)
15 Gallon paint bucket for supply water ($3.00)
19/16” id rubber grommet ($1.54/3)
1¼” ID rubber grommet ($1.54/6)
1pipe insulation ($1.19)
Total is about $74 for parts

Assembly instructions after shipping to your destination:

  1. With the pressure cooker lid in you lap slide in the output pipe down from the top.
  2. Put the insulation on the top of the lid sliding it around the pipe if you are using it.
  3. Insert the .25” pipe into the lid from top down.
  4. Put the lid on the pot.
  5. Install coat hanger support on faucet end of exchanger
  6. Marry up the exchanger with the .5” pipe on the pot.
  7. Tighten all hose clamps.
  8. Hook up hoses to the supply bucket.
  9. Put a container under the end of the exchanger to catch the distilled output.
  10. Put water in the pressure cooker.
  11. Fire up the heat.
  12. Adjust the flow of water through the heat exchanger once producing output.

Offered by Mike.