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This how I harvest the wheat.

  1. Get a sickle like the one in the old communist Russia flag. and when the wheat is ready to harvest cut it down at the base and when you have enough bundle the wheat up into bundles to take to your thrashing floor.
  2. At the floor spread the wheat out and then take a set of numchuki or flail and beat the wheat to separate the wheat and chaff from the stalks.
  3. Collect up the stalks and keep as hay if you want.
  4. Sweep up the wheat and chaff together and put in a pail.
  5. Go outside and scoop up the wheat in a scoop and pour from a reasonable height into another bucket, letting the wind blow through the stream of wheat and chaff and you will see the chaff blow away and the wheat will fall into the bucket. when the wheat is clean of chaff, pour out of this working bucket into your final bucket.
  6. Do not fill the working bucket up too much or else it will take a lot of work to separate the chaff out of the wheat. just a couple of scoops of wheat/.chaff, clean it and then pour the clean wheat out to final bucket.

With that you will be participating in an activity that changes humanity from a hunter/gather society to a agrarian society. I do this with my wheat that I grow.

Offered by Gus.